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Submitted Files by Luigi and Tails: 10
3/22/05 - A moderator not caring about upholding the ToS?
3/11/05 - Sailor Bacon and Tiger8191 make a divine owning pair!
3/1/05 - GameFAQs' account system goes bad.
2/14/05 - Valentine's Day on CE.
2/1/05 - CJayC tells a user why he was banned. Ownage style.
1/27/05 - CJayC asks Current Events if the board should be privatised.
1/11/05 - This is why you do not praise FAQ Contributors.
12/27/04 - The P/C Board shortly after a Goth invasion.
12/5/04 - A Poll asking how many people would ever contribute to GFAQs causes uproar on the FAQers Board.
11/20/04 - Everyone comments on a great new username.