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Submitted Files by Roaddhogg: 147
Farside Blues
12/28/03 - The moderator board on Farside Blues.
12/28/03 - The elite moderator board on Farside Blues.
12/28/03 - The FSB moderation control panel.
12/28/03 - The FSB KoS list.
12/28/03 - EN's moderation history.
12/28/03 - tranmerefan's FSB moderator account is used to systematically delete every message on the site.
12/28/03 - tranmerefan's usermap during the destruction of FSB, highlighting the guilty parties including Roaddhogg, Insder, Rampage, yarjar, and more.
12/28/03 - EN's account is suspended.
12/28/03 - Farside Blues board list.
10/14/03 - Endless Nightmares asks FSB's moderators to test the site's new source.
9/12/03 - EN unbans a few users.
8/16/03 - EN talks about banning and KoSing TheVoice as a result of him leaking moderator screens.
8/8/03 - FSB's mods discuss Clone Eight as the next potential staff member.
6/8/03 - EN demotes ZeldaCube, less than a month after his appointment.
6/7/03 - EN comments on FSB's mod queue hitting condition black.
5/16/03 - ZeldaCube becomes a FSB moderator.
Lost Facts
2/27/07 - duckduckduck visits Lost Facts; kir-bashing ensues.
2/19/05 - Roaddhogg complains about "MMA whores" being prevalent in the Lost Facts Beta test.
7/22/03 - Endless Nightmares is made a co-admin of Lost Facts.
9/10/02 - The very first version of Lost Facts running GFH source, dating back to September 2002.
1/3/04 - iGenesis announces the disbanding of the VIP system.
1/2/04 - tasdoom emails The Outboards' host in relation to the recent invasions.
2/20/03 - Board list.
2/20/03 - Test topic on MBA.
2/16/03 - I N F E R N O is a VIP.
2/15/03 - A topic list from the news and notes board.
1/29/03 - Paradoxicity administrative panel.
1/29/03 - Message Board Announcements board.
1/29/03 - Moderated Messages history.
1/25/03 - I N F E R N O with the "Monkey" user-level.
12/4/02 - Paradoxicity New User Guide.
11/22/02 - Paradoxicity Terms of Service.
The Outboards
6/9/05 - dtrmp4's guide to referral sites.
1/4/05 - GC leaves OB as a result of users IMing his sister claiming that he was bisexual.
1/4/05 - Rancid and BRM return to The Outboards.
12/12/04 - An article about LUE2 is posted on Something Awful.
10/29/04 - A topic concerning BR's attempted hacking of TSL.
10/28/04 - Duck asks for someone to create him a new GameFAQs account after learning his class 2 KOS may have been lifted.
8/16/04 - General Crap complains about the new generation of KoSed users.
8/12/04 - BR incites an invasion of Recover Your Life.
8/4/04 - duck with a topic about LUE-themed spinoffs.
7/28/04 - Ant P's Outboards suicide.
7/28/04 - A topic regarding Onion offering AT0 for users to suicide their OB accounts.
7/21/04 - iGenesis makes excuses for his apparent "currency-whoring" on spinoffs.
7/19/04 - A retrospective look at Magus' "death".
7/17/04 - Spinoff Nostalgia with Dirk, Vol. 1. Pages: {Vol. 2} {Vol. 3} {Vol. 4}
7/16/04 - Peter Griffin's rant on GameFAQs.
7/10/04 - Obo has an interesting IM conversation with CJayC.
7/7/04 - mazter ace owns a girl over AIM.
6/19/04 - Anomaly warns users to stay off of CABLE.
6/18/04 - MM links to Onion's GameFAQs Clone.
6/14/04 - A topic intended for the moderator board is posted on Social.
6/14/04 - Outbreakorn: I only hired Vayate cuz I thought he was a chick
6/11/04 - Users post their birthdays.
6/8/04 - Would you care if the above user left?
6/4/04 - A database crash/corruption causes the users table to be rolled back.
6/1/04 - Anomaly creates a topic demanding that the bitching about newbies must cease.
5/31/04 - EP complains that OB is turning into whiteFyre 2.0
5/24/04 - Obo has an AIM conversation with a schoolmate of rancid milk.
5/23/04 - obo offers up free webspace.
5/23/04 - MM leaks screens of AT0's moderation interface.
5/22/04 - EP creates a petition to ban all new WWEGSB users. Pages: {2}
5/21/04 - A discussion about the Something Awful forums.
5/19/04 - A topic created following the passing of Chris MacDonald.
5/19/04 - The CS chronicles.
5/17/04 - Magus Machine reveals he had yet another elaborate plan to fake his own death in the pipeline.
5/16/04 - BR cuts down on the "LAF" fad.
5/14/04 - This just in; DBZ fan hacks Darkside Legion.
5/11/04 - The Anomaly Clause.
5/10/04 - TRC leaves The Outboards.
5/10/04 - Crimson Ghost with a suggestion to scrap the Virtue system.
5/9/04 - Obo requests a GameFAQs-themed CSS.
5/5/04 - Insder and miik destroy LUE Evolved, with a little help from Roaddhogg. Pages: {Initial Request}
5/4/04 - TU sets up a cookie stealer on DSL.
5/2/04 - Wowzers tells users to change their passwords after a cookie-stealer link is posted by troahbarton.
5/2/04 - duck announces that the Virtue Trading board will be purged.
5/1/04 - Duelist comes out of lurakge to own a user.
5/1/04 - A selection of users posts their Virtue history.
4/30/04 - Magus Machine is apparently contacted by CJayC.
4/29/04 - IBamI's rating topic.
4/29/04 - Evil Mario wishes for a browser that could view PHP source.
4/28/04 - GC posts a topic about cracking Bastard Knight's GameFAQs moderator account on the beta boards.
4/28/04 - LTJ attempts to discourage topics about GameFAQs' new look.
4/28/04 - Vayate sends CJayC an email with his suggestions of how to fix up the new theme.
4/26/04 - Logan's rating topic.
4/25/04 - The chicken or the egg?
4/25/04 - miikrr's rating topic.
4/24/04 - Wowzers questions the location of Fiveanto5's spinoffs list.
4/23/04 - Obo opens up moderator applications.
4/22/04 - In 2 months The Outboards have lost 1 mod, 2 admins, and an owner.
4/22/04 - Obo is revealed by TU as hacking DSL. Pages: {2}
4/20/04 - A discussion about 4/20.
4/20/04 - MM complains about the number of Essence contests held on DSL.
4/19/04 - Anomaly gains admin access at Darkside Legion.
4/16/04 - EXE asks who should be considered to be OB veterans.
4/15/04 - LAF pastes Onion's rating of the spinoffs.
4/15/04 - LTJ questions why a post of his lost 2 Virtue.
4/14/04 - Fifty things girls wished guys knew.
4/12/04 - A topic about absolute zero.
4/12/04 - duckduckduck's list.
4/11/04 - Roaddhogg creates a script to scam Heathcliff Huxtable out of 50SV.
4/11/04 - iGenesis creates a topic in recognition of DSL's anniversary.
4/6/04 - A series of topics about the newly-created Private Boards on GameFAQs. Pages: {2} {3}
4/4/04 - duck offers Virtue for FAQs explaining BitTorrent and IRC.
3/30/04 - Kir complains about a GameFAQs moderation, and is instantly ridiculed.
3/30/04 - Cleft complains about Game being an asshole.
3/30/04 - Revelations into Jay's background!
3/29/04 - MT0 announces that he will be working on a spinoff portal.
3/25/04 - Cousin Eddie mistaks Onion for Jay.
3/25/04 - The term "AOLer" comes to mind.
3/24/04 - The Fish leaves spinoffs for personal reasons.
3/24/04 - The Fish leaves spinoffs for personal reasons.
3/23/04 - A pathetic invasion attempt by Firefox. Pages: {Suspended}
3/19/04 - Jay unexpectedly quits OB. Pages: {Initial Argument}
3/18/04 - iGenesis with a MySQL/PHP question; Jay provides a humourous response.
3/18/04 - DaLurker/iGenesis with yet another spinoff source question.
3/17/04 - A-Z: Reasons why Windows is better than Linux.
3/7/04 - Onion/ST quits The Outboards.
3/6/04 - GC's masterplan to rid the world of AIDS.
3/6/04 - The Y2K Bug!
3/5/04 - miikrr requests a custom CSS feature.
3/4/04 - Onion hosts GFCX.
2/28/04 - EXE posts a trap topic, and proceeds to amass thousands of views by refreshing.
2/27/04 - Jay finds an exploit that allows users to view all topics on GameFAQs' ToS discussion board.
2/23/04 - MM archives a number of topics related to his "death".
2/22/04 - miikrr with some sound relationship advice.
2/21/04 - Jay gives some sound advice to iGenesis about using the MA/OB3 source.
2/17/04 - MT0 posts a topic on OB complaining about users' perceptions of him.
2/17/04 - Innuendo7 = MT0.
2/16/04 - Obo has a... crazy... moment.
2/14/04 - miik attempts to set up Insder by uploading a large selection of MP3s to the latter's DSL webspace.
2/13/04 - Microsoft issue a press release concerning the leaking of Windows source code.
2/12/04 - miikrr posts a topic in recognition of darksidelegion becoming an unbanned word on GameFAQs.
2/12/04 - A topic about GameFAQs being down.
2/11/04 - Shuzo creates a rating topic.
2/8/04 - Jay announces that he plans to rewrite the OB source.
2/6/04 - duckduckduck posts a topic querying how users first found the OB.
2/5/04 - DaLurker asks a question about the OB3 source.
2/4/04 - cskater59 invites OB users to share stories of puberty experiences; Logan provides a particularly hilarious comment.
2/3/04 - A topic by tonglebeak turns into an IE vs. Firebird debate.
2/2/04 - Onion posts a topic about cleft receiving 30 Virtue from Vitality.
1/24/04 - The Fish proposes an idea to stop the rapid creation of new spinoffs.
1/17/04 - Script Tease reviews OB themes.
12/20/03 - Magus Machine fakes his own death in one of the most memorable events in spinoff history. Pages: {RH's Farewell} {miikrr} {miikrr 2} {Jay dies} {MagusDiedLOL} {Not Dead?} {MM Returns}
12/14/03 - IBamI is suspended following a usermap glitch.
12/10/03 - Obese Monkey rants about LUE.
7/25/03 - The Outboards are switching servers, so everyone is made an admin for the day on the old server. Hilarity inevitably occurs. Pages: {Board List} {Board List 2} {Poll} {Online Users} {Topic List} {TOS Editor} {User Info} {Banned Words} {Admin Panel}