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Board Announcements
Announcements from Administrators.
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Requests For Admins
Post here to request help, or things for the admin.
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Site Suggestions And Bug Reports
If you have an idea, petition, or see a bug or typo, please post it here.
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Message Board Help
If you need help with the message boards, including moderations, please post your questions here.
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Social Boards
The Outboards *Social*
This is the main social board, talk about anything and everything here.
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Absolutely Absurdity
This board is for the crazy, zany side you may or may not have. Now you know why it's called AA.
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HTML Page Source Board
Where you can paste the HTML source of pages you like, and show them off.
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Rant Board
This Board is here to let you vent out, and rant about anything you want.
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Special Interest Boards
Books, Magazines, and Comics Board.
For discussion about books, magazines, and comics. Talk about all kinds of printed material with people who care.
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Music/TV/Movies Board
Where you can talk about music, TV, and movies.
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Paintball Board
Board for the paintball players.
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Art, Poetry, Essays, and Short Stories
Board that allows you to show your creative side.
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The sports board, to talk about sports.
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Video Game Board
Video game discussion board.
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Web Design and Software Design
Board for help and discussion on web design/programming, and software design/programming
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Wrestling board
Talk about wrestling here.
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User Boards
Individual's boards
Yaggy and all her bitches
Where Yaggy and all her bitches can get together like a great big, fagadelic family to touch each other's bonars.
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Crypt of Outbreakorn and Scum
The legendary Crypt of Outbreakorn and Scum!
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Apples...now open to the public
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