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I think cleft's dad blocked me on AIM.
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From: Game555 Posted: 4/4/2004 5:45:17 PM | Options | #011
7: Regular User Game555X3: I always loved the size of your breasts
sunstar3137: ok
Game555X3: they're lovely
Game555X3: You must masturbate everytime you see yourself
Game555X3: I know I do
From: BigRedMachine Posted: 4/4/2004 5:55:22 PM | Options | #012
6: New User Hahahaha.
From: Game555 Posted: 4/4/2004 9:10:23 PM | Options | #013
7: Regular User *continues talking to more of clefts friends*
From: Game555 Posted: 4/4/2004 9:19:56 PM | Options | #014
7: Regular User Game555X3: Hey
Game555X3: its matt
GCGurl717: hey
GCGurl717: which one?
Game555X3: smith
GCGurl717: ok
GCGurl717: lol
Game555X3: Will you go out with me?
GCGurl717: lmao
GCGurl717: i wish
GCGurl717: thats not very nice to do to someone who likes u smitty
Game555X3: heh
GCGurl717: meany!
Game555X3: *lick*
GCGurl717: lol, im scared now
Game555X3: I love you
GCGurl717: your really scaring me
Game555X3: I masturbated to you yesterday
GCGurl717: lmfao
Game555X3: I'm gonna do it again too
GCGurl717: lol, have fun!
Game555X3: i will
Game555X3: I'd love to get you from behind
Game555X3: mmmmmm mmmmmm
Game555X3: sexy sexy
GCGurl717: im gonna kill u when i see u tom.
Game555X3: lol
Game555X3: What if I really do love you
GCGurl717: then i would be shocked and what i wanted for 3 years might happen
Game555X3: Well it's gonna happen
Game555X3: baby I love you

Haha, this is some ugly chick stalking cleft or something.....

From: Game555 Posted: 4/4/2004 9:43:52 PM | Options | #015
7: Regular User Game555X3: :-*
Game555X3: still in shock or somethin
GCGurl717: lol, thinkin of how im gonna kill u
Game555X3: Don't kill someone that loves you
Game555X3: Come on, I figure tomorrow, we get home, get a little drunk, see if we can get you pregnant
GCGurl717: we?
Game555X3: yes we
GCGurl717: who is we?
Game555X3: me and you
GCGurl717: oh
GCGurl717: lol
Game555X3: You know you have hot tits.
Game555X3: I'd love to stick my dick between them and titty fuck you all night
Game555X3: :-)
GCGurl717: lol
Game555X3: you know you have nice breasts
Game555X3: everytime you get out of the shower you must masturbate to the mirror
GCGurl717: lol ok
Game555X3: Describe yourself, it turns me on
GCGurl717: and no i dont
GCGurl717: no thats ok
Game555X3: Describe to me your sexy body
Game555X3: please
GCGurl717: smitty...your dead!
Game555X3: Describe it!
GCGurl717: nope
Game555X3: Then I don't love you.
Game555X3: :-(
GCGurl717: oh well:'(
Game555X3: I would lick your butt if you would give me a chance
Game555X3: Lick all of it
GCGurl717: nah
GCGurl717: thats ok
Game555X3: lick your pussy?
Game555X3: Im better than a stupid dildo
GCGurl717: no way
Game555X3: yes way
GCGurl717: ur not doin any of that
Game555X3: You don't want me to ?
GCGurl717: no
Game555X3: You do want me to don't you
Game555X3: I am hot, let's face it <_<
GCGurl717: lol
GCGurl717: yeah....right!
Game555X3: Hah
Game555X3: You know you finger yourself to me
Game555X3: I know you have.
Game555X3: you probably are know
Game555X3: now
GCGurl717: hell no
Game555X3: yes
GCGurl717: no
Game555X3: yes
GCGurl717: u wish
Game555X3: You've always wanted me
Game555X3: now I want you
GCGurl717: maybe
Game555X3: give yourself to me
Game555X3: we can make great love
GCGurl717: lmao
Game555X3: I am not kidding
Game555X3: it's not funny
Game555X3: I love you.
Game555X3: LOVE
GCGurl717: yeah right
Game555X3: ...
Game555X3: Fine you will see tomorrow
Game555X3: I will be all over you girl.
GCGurl717: oh god
Game555X3: I bought you something too.
Game555X3: Seriously though
Game555X3: Jokes aside
Game555X3: Will you go out with me
GCGurl717: u kno if u were serious i would say yes
Game555X3: I am serious
GCGurl717: no ur not
Game555X3: Why wouldn't I want to go out with you
Game555X3: your beautiful
GCGurl717: lmao
Game555X3: You don't think you're beautiful?
GCGurl717: hell no
Game555X3: What don't you like about you ?
GCGurl717: everything
GCGurl717: I'm fat and nasty, I almost never bathe u know that. I am probably one of the uglyiest girls in the school, probably planet.
GCGurl717: besides im a bitch
Game555X3: Good point.
Game555X3: Later nasty ass.
GCGurl717: omg!!! :(
GCGurl717: im gonna so kill u

From: Game555 Posted: 4/4/2004 10:03:21 PM | Options | #016
7: Regular User Game555X3: I think your just fat and nasty
Game555X3: Seriously, you think I'd ever want to fuck you .......hahahahahahahaha
Game555X3: FATASS
GCGurl717: thank u
Game555X3: no
Game555X3: I am not fucking around
Game555X3: this was all an act
Game555X3: You are fucking disgusting
Game555X3: and I hate you with all my heart
Game555X3: everytime I see you I fucking vomit

From: Game555 Posted: 4/4/2004 10:04:00 PM | Options | #017
7: Regular User GCGurl717: you think you're funny
Game555X3: I think your 15 chins are funny
Game555X3: fatass
From: Interpunk Posted: 4/4/2004 10:18:55 PM | Options | #018
8: Veteran lmao
From: Game555 Posted: 4/4/2004 10:22:16 PM | Options | #019
7: Regular User cleft has some odd fucking friends
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