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*leaves OB*
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From: Magus Machine Posted: 3/27/2004 2:58:44 PM | Options | #001
28: Moderator Yeah, well.
Arson? Again?
From: EP Hates You Posted: 3/27/2004 3:01:45 PM | Options | #002
6: New User That was kinda shitty that happened to your contest.
Master Of The Obvious.
From: Magus Machine Posted: 3/27/2004 3:03:55 PM | Options | #003
28: Moderator magusmachine rt: But, still. It was total bullshit.
bStOnE 2486: Yeah, so you'll probably coming back?
magusmachine rt: Hell, LAF - an admin was giving virtue at first.
magusmachine rt: And then EM comes along like a little bitch and ruins everything.
bStOnE 2486: Yeah I know, he was like "i'm the only one who can give out teh virtu!!! cuz i'm a mod!!!
magusmachine rt: Fuck him, I was just trying to add some fun to the boards.
bStOnE 2486: Didn't you see my post?
magusmachine rt: On what topic?
bStOnE 2486: That's bullshit. You mods are too damn lazy to make anything, so he took some initiative. You should award him for helping activity.

Oh, and I forgot, I'm sorry you had to do a little work EM.
Let me cry for you. ;_;
magusmachine rt: heh
bStOnE 2486: Oh yeah...It was also a minus 1V
magusmachine rt: No, I logged out right after I made it,
magusmachine rt: Minus 1V?
magusmachine rt: What a faggot.
magusmachine rt: EM needs to get laid, big time. He must have lots of sand in his vagina.
bStOnE 2486: heh
bStOnE 2486: Yes..Minus one.
bStOnE 2486: LMAO
bStOnE 2486: From: Bstone (15) | Posted: 03/27/2004 04:58:13 PM | Delete | #0010
^ *watches my virtue disapear*

bStOnE 2486: From: Bstone (15) | Posted: 03/27/2004 04:58:29 PM | Delete | #0011
Heh, What a guess. -_-

bStOnE 2486: From: Evil Mario (55) | Posted: 03/27/2004 04:58:57 PM | Mark | Suggest | #0012
Want to push your luck further?

bStOnE 2486: From: Bstone (15) | Posted: 03/27/2004 05:02:55 PM | Delete | #0013
I don't know...since your fucking head is so huge I don't think there's any room for my luck..

magusmachine rt: XD
Arson? Again?
From: bstone Posted: 3/27/2004 3:12:13 PM | Options | #004
7: Regular User It was fucked up..
From: Locke Posted: 3/27/2004 3:15:16 PM | Options | #005
6: New User OB is a brand of tampons.
When at first you don't succeed, make sure there are no witnesses.
From: EP Hates You Posted: 3/27/2004 3:24:18 PM | Options | #006
6: New User >_<

Poor BStone, warned.
Master Of The Obvious.
From: bstone Posted: 3/27/2004 3:37:06 PM | Options | #007
7: Regular User Fuck EM. If nothing gets overturned or I don't get un-warned I'm leaving too.
From: Deus Ex Raijin Posted: 3/27/2004 3:51:25 PM | Options | #008
7: Regular User I have a feeling the legacy of OB is coming to an end..
The Story of the Birds and the Bees: Bear farts and they all die.