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From: Jay Posted: 3/27/2004 5:25:36 PM | Options | #011
6: New User Wireless networking is unsecure, and has a history of lacking good driver support in linux, and laptops cost too much money anyway
From: Onion Posted: 3/27/2004 5:26:38 PM | Options | + | #012
30: Administrator Use Windows then, you penguin fucker.
From: Nigger Posted: 3/27/2004 5:27:33 PM | Options | #013
6: New User Jay secretly loves Windows ME over all other OS's.
From: duckduckduck Posted: 3/27/2004 5:28:52 PM | Options | #014
8: Veteran I'll steal one from the government and have it sent to you. You won't need to worry about *nix because all gov't laptops are programmed to self-destruct if anyone attempts to remove Windows. Now all you need is a data jack installed right under your toilet paper holder and you'll be golden.
From: Jay Posted: 3/27/2004 5:30:06 PM | Options | #015
6: New User Penguin + BSD Daemon fetish > Paper Clip + Butterfly fetish
From: duckduckduck Posted: 3/27/2004 5:37:10 PM | Options | #016
8: Veteran Even if it prevents you from doing things you need to do? Live internet surf on the can? That's okay, I remember when I used to believe in things too...
From: Jay Posted: 3/27/2004 5:42:42 PM | Options | #017
6: New User I didn't say all wireless ethernet connections don't work on linux, just a lot of them

If I planned to get one (which I don't because it sucks anyway), I'd get one that I verified to have good drivers
From: Jay Posted: 3/27/2004 5:49:40 PM | Options | #018
6: New User *wonders why my radeon says "nVidia" on it*

This is... odd, but I'll put in it just to see what happens
From: duckduckduck Posted: 3/27/2004 5:52:00 PM | Options | #019
8: Veteran No, get one that you didn't verify and a router that doesn't recognize MAC addressing. Also, share your C: Drive with no passwording and paint you IP address on the side of your mailbox. Only then will you truly be able to live up to your claim of "living on the edge".
From: Jay Posted: 3/27/2004 6:10:27 PM | Options | #020
6: New User Apparently this is not a Radeon 9600XT, but a GeForce4 MX 420

And apparently, I'VE BEEN HAD *runs back to the store to return this piece of garbage*
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