Frequently Asked Questions
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What are the rules here?
By signing up to the boards, you agree to follow all the terms listed in the TOS. Any user found violating these rules will be punished, and possibly banned, if the violations consist.

What HTML can I use?
The only allowed HTML when you first sign up are the <b>bold</b> and <i>italic</i> tags. However, you will be able to "purchase" more HTML abilities with your Essence as it accumulates.

What are the user levels?
-5: Asshole: Taking it up for eternity.
-1: Suspended: User's posting privileges have been suspended for one or more Terms of Service violations, pending review by an Administrator.
0: Inactive: User has not yet activated their account using a valid e-mail address. Cannot post messages.
5: Warned: User on "parole" for one or more major Terms of Service violations. Can only post 3 messages per hour (10 per day), no topics, restored after 48 hours.
10: Provisional: Created with Freemail. Upgraded to Level 15 after 48 hours with positive Essence.
11: Probationary: Created with regular e-mail. Upgraded to Level 15 after 24 hours with positive Essence.
15: Lurker: User has less than 10 Essence.
20: Regular: User has earned 10-25 Essence.
25: Veteran: User has earned 25-40 Essence.
30: Legend: User has earned 40-60 Essence.
35: Addict: User has earned 60+ Essence.
40: Webmaster: Has ownership of Darkside Legion.
50: Moderator: User can delete messages marked for moderation, give/remove Essence, and suspend offending users.
55: Enforcer: Moderators who also handle some administrative duties.
60: Administrator: Administrators can review and ban suspended users, as well as control all other aspects of the boards.

Who are the staff?
Our current staff members are:
Administrators: Bombastic Nescience, EvilPrimate, Internet Virus, rancid milk, XThe UnknownX
Enforcers: noxiousbary
Moderators: Immortal Ace, SweetPimp

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