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Convo with miikrr.
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From: Onion Posted: 8/17/2004 7:11:12 PM | Options | #001
30: Administrator
(18:39:22) miikrronaim: un ip ban me and i'll upload it
(18:39:30) Onion: nothx
(18:39:34) Onion: send file
(18:39:47) miikrronaim: un ip ban me
(18:39:49) miikrronaim: dude
(18:39:52) miikrronaim: i did what anyone would do
(18:40:07) Onion: If you seriously took it, then you've deserved it.
(18:40:20) miikrronaim: so why are you fucking pissed off at me?
(18:40:24) miikrronaim: i'm NOT going to release it
(18:40:35) miikrronaim: (23:21:36) lancelott Artare: ._.
(23:21:52) miikrr: alright, lance, you want that a0 source?
(23:21:56) lancelott Artare: yes
(23:22:01) miikrr: copy and paste that
(23:24:03) lancelott Artare: 21:23:13) Onion: See what I mean?
(21:23:23) Onion: Why should I let someone like that blackmail me all over the place?
(18:40:47) miikrronaim: i onlysaid that to piss you off
(18:41:33) Onion: See
(18:41:38) Onion: er
(18:41:43) miikrronaim: see what?
(18:41:45) miikrronaim: i see nothing
(18:41:54) Onion: Wait, I forgot what I was going to type.
(18:42:04) miikrronaim: i only said that because i thought/knew he was going to send that to you
(18:42:13) miikrronaim: when i reread that, i'm suprised he did
(18:43:18) Onion: It's not that I'm afraid you'll release it, it's the fact that you underhandedly took it under my nose.
(18:43:22) Onion: That's what I was going to say
(18:43:26) Onion: With a "See, " before it
(18:43:28) Onion: But that'd be too nice.
(18:43:44) miikrronaim: ....
(18:43:47) miikrronaim: what the fuck
(18:44:26) miikrronaim: Ant didn't tell you that he 2.0.9 source was downloadable or whatever off your server and THEN he took it
(18:44:28) Onion: P took it when it was my mistake and told me.
(18:44:37) miikrronaim: I TOLD YOU
(18:44:41) Onion: You took it when it was joako's fault and gloated.
(18:44:49) miikrronaim: it was YOUR mistake for putting it back up and not checking
(18:45:00) miikrronaim: i used the SAME EXACT script as before
(18:45:08) miikrronaim: when joako wasn't "working"
(18:45:52) Onion: Try to justify it all you want, I'm not forgiving/unkosing you.
(18:46:15) miikrronaim: tihs is fucking bullshit
(18:46:20) miikrronaim: you banned my account, right?
(18:46:24) miikrronaim: if not, just ban it
(18:47:02) Onion: Of course.
(18:47:10) Onion: And at the GF Clone as well.
(18:47:31) miikrronaim: you've stopped that
(18:48:00) Onion: Either way.
(18:48:18) miikrronaim: either way, what?
(18:49:27) Onion: You're banned from any message board I administrate because you've betrayed me. So to speak.
(18:49:48) miikrronaim: betrayed how?
(18:49:55) miikrronaim: how is it different than Ant?
(18:50:28) Onion: Like I said, it wasn't underhanded and he didn't lie to me saying that everything was fixed with joako.
(18:50:48) miikrronaim: i don't remember saying that
(18:50:53) miikrronaim: but you'd believe me?
(18:50:56) miikrronaim: me of all people?
(18:51:15) miikrronaim: and 1) why didn't you try to see if it was fixed yourself?
(18:51:30) miikrronaim: you knew i was being insistant
(18:51:51) miikrronaim: "put a0 back up" at least 3 times a day
(18:51:56) miikrronaim:
(18:52:17) Onion: ...?
(18:52:31) miikrronaim: nevermind
(18:54:43) Onion: Besides, you have the Outboards to go back to, and I can't touch you on either AKNet or SO.
(18:54:55) miikrronaim: outboards?
(18:54:59) miikrronaim: are you kidding me
(18:55:03) miikrronaim: after jay left
(18:55:15) miikrronaim: well, really after cleft came
(18:55:20) miikrronaim: obo turned to shit
(18:56:21) Onion: So then you have SO and AKNet.
(18:56:44) miikrronaim: no...
(18:57:24) Onion: Well then maybe you should have thought about this before you took the source.
(18:57:26) Onion: ~_*
(18:57:44) miikrronaim: you're gay
(18:58:14) miikrronaim: you would've never told someone you could get their source with a simple script before getting it
(18:58:23) miikrronaim: oh wait!
(18:58:24) miikrronaim: holy shit
(18:58:36) miikrronaim: you didn't
(18:58:50) miikrronaim:
(18:59:00) miikrronaim: from the SAME fault in the host
(18:59:18) Onion:
(18:59:47) miikrronaim: ...what?
(19:00:03) Onion: , sorry
(19:00:40) Onion: Only difference is that I left AKNet for a while of my own accord after that.
(19:00:57) miikrronaim: but he didn't fucking ban you
(19:01:00) miikrronaim: or did he?
(19:01:06) miikrronaim: you got marble for that post...
(19:01:15) Onion: I asked him to de-specialise me
(19:01:24) miikrronaim: *z
(19:01:32) Onion: Point is I felt super guilty.
(19:01:36) Onion: And never released it.
(19:01:46) Onion: Well I showed it to uG, but I knew uG would delete it.
(19:01:56) Onion: And P stole a copy too.
(19:02:11) miikrronaim: Well I showed it to no one, but I knew everyone wants it
(19:03:00) Onion: ...k
(19:06:29) Onion: Thing is, you want to be able to keep the source and not have me be angry at you.
(19:06:34) Onion: You can't have your cake and eat it too.
(19:06:47) miikrronaim: i could get 2 slices
(19:07:46) Onion: And you're not taking this seriously.
(19:08:10) Onion: I might unblock you for real in a week, but unKoSing is not a foreseeable reality.
(19:08:12) Onion: Or something.

Am I right or wrong?
From: Ant P Posted: 8/17/2004 7:31:24 PM | Options | #002
-2: Banned
insder is gay
(01:34:35) Im Hddn Sm Whr: wtf who is rick james
(01:34:44) Onion: He visits wF every day.
From: Nikanoru Posted: 8/18/2004 5:58:36 AM | Options | #003
29: Elite Moderator
He took what he knew you didn't want him to take. True, you've done it too, but handled it maturely, but the actions of the adminstrator of that site has absoultely no relation to yours.

He went behind your back. It'd be one thing if he found out about the exploit, tested it, then told you to warn you about it, but that wasn't his intention. What he was trying to do is what is important, and that is underhandly take your source.

Stay banned.
From: Onion Posted: 8/19/2004 8:05:10 AM | Options | #004
30: Administrator
Good point Nik.