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From: Magus Machine Posted: 6/28/2004 7:15:03 PM | Options | #001
12: Idol
magusmachine rt (6:11:32 PM): I gave out all of the sources and they were the ones I took. zappy's arn't on any sites.
edited-out (6:13:22 PM): Fair enough. It's still been less than two months since he's caused problems, though.
magusmachine rt (6:14:48 PM): Yeah. Okay. I took the ones I had down from my webspace. I'll tell miikrr to take them down too. They are on a few other sites and I'll try to get all. But people still have them.
edited-out (6:15:41 PM): Of course they do.It's funny how this only happens once someone needs something in return from me. :P
magusmachine rt (6:16:15 PM): >_< Yeah, well. I don't want to cause one of my friends a problem.
edited-out (6:16:45 PM): Haven't heard from the likes of you in ages though... Unless that was you causing trouble on the GS side the other day, but it didn't seem your style.
magusmachine rt (6:17:25 PM): No, those people are idiots. Besides, I only go to gamefaqs for the games now. Causing trouble on the boards is very juvenile.
magusmachine rt (6:17:42 PM): And I'm sure I still can't register anyway, heh.
edited-out (6:17:46 PM): Wow. People do grow up after all. :-)
edited-out (6:18:11 PM): Unfortunately, there's always a new younger group that decide to come in and follow behind...
magusmachine rt (6:18:46 PM): Well, you guys are elminating them quickly. You have so many mods now, what with the GS people on all the game boards.
magusmachine rt (6:19:55 PM): All of the old KoSed people have put themselves off GameFAQs, they know how useless it is to try to cause a ripple. Last time I suicided about three months ago I just had a lot of CEers calling me lame. ._.
edited-out (6:20:26 PM): True. I see BRM come around dropping n-bombs now and again, but I can't even remember the last time he did that now...
magusmachine rt (6:21:17 PM): Are you sure it's BRM? Because the last time I've talked to him he seemed to not want anything to do with the boards.
magusmachine rt (6:21:37 PM): There are a lot of impersonaters suiciding these days.
edited-out (6:22:20 PM): Who knows anymore. Anyway, thanks for letting me know about the mod pics, but Zapy still gets to stew for a bit longer.
magusmachine rt (6:22:42 PM): Oh, and by the way was a guy with the screenname "MagusMachine". Someone brought this to my attention and I just want you to know it's not me, and if you could - please off the guy.
magusmachine rt (6:23:38 PM): It's not like I deserve any favors, but.... >_>
edited-out (6:24:11 PM): Don't see anything like that on the site right now, or did you mean AIM?
magusmachine rt (6:25:06 PM): Oh yes powerful Cjay, please off someone from aim. [<_<, to allow following emoticon] ~_~ No, I'm sure there was a guy with that screenname - I saw the user info page myself. Let me see if I can find the link.
magusmachine rt (6:27:51 PM):
edited-out (6:28:44 PM): Already closed. Didn't even get to nail him for imping. *sniff*
edited-out (6:29:24 PM): Guy doesn't even look to have any active accounts any longer, all banned anyway.
magusmachine rt (6:29:24 PM): >_< Well, at least he's off the boards.
magusmachine rt (6:30:15 PM): Probably one of the new KoS kiddies. Trying to be edgy by imping old KoS users and banning accounts for worthless reasons.
edited-out (6:31:02 PM): They don't get far. My blocking has gotten better over time. Still haven't had to implement a real-time proxy check, even halfway through summer, so we're doing good.
magusmachine rt (6:32:14 PM): Yeah, the only reason that BK even happened is because you used a backup and there was no SS. But right now account jacking is pretty much impossible.
edited-out (6:32:58 PM): Rather, "Account jacking someone intelligent is pretty much impossible"
magusmachine rt (6:33:44 PM): Admitting some of your users don't have much intelligence? >_>
edited-out (6:33:53 PM): Did I ever claim otherwise?
magusmachine rt (6:34:12 PM): Uh, good point.
magusmachine rt (6:34:31 PM): Nice screenname, [Edited out just in case]
edited-out (6:35:01 PM): It works. BTW, please keep it private. My "real" account is unusable, and it's handy having one with no blocks for situations like these.
magusmachine rt (6:35:47 PM): Oh, sure. Even if I was suddenly angsty you could always make another account. I'm off of that stuff, it's petty.
edited-out (6:36:46 PM): Oh, I know. I actually never meant to let Zapy have this one, I was logged on with the wrong account when I contacted him about his last hack.
magusmachine rt (6:37:41 PM): Heh. What did you think of Onion's rewrite?
edited-out (6:38:04 PM): Hm?
magusmachine rt (6:38:54 PM): You know, Onion started a rewrite of the new GameFAQs boards. I think he got split list, board index, and login. mt0 said he talked to you about it.
edited-out (6:40:48 PM): Ah, yeah, had a convo with him about it.
edited-out (6:42:12 PM): Good ideas, but no sense of scope. When I told him about the traffic the boards were getting, I think I heard his jaw drop from here.
magusmachine rt (6:42:24 PM): XD
magusmachine rt (6:43:47 PM): Spinoffs are starting to become pretty seperate from GameFAQs, anyway. What with the new code and all. Most boards with code from Jay go down from hackers and all the old boards are either dying or getting new additions to further divide themselves from GameFAQs.
edited-out (6:45:07 PM): Yep. Anyway, I do have to run. Work and all.
magusmachine rt (6:45:18 PM): Nice talking, later.
edited-out (6:45:54 PM): Later
Session concluded at 6:47:02 PM