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My penis
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From: Magus Machine Posted: 5/4/2004 7:44:25 PM | Options | #001
28: Moderator
Is so big. Bigger than anything. This planet cannot contain my penis. It warps space and time with it's ferocious magnitude. I can't wear boxers, of course. I wear a hyperbolic dimension decompression unit. HINDU for short. HINDU put my penis into its own space, that's right. It exists in the 7th dimension. In that dimension it resides in every universe and molucule. Even with a whole dimension it is getting cramped.

Imagine this - sperm is shooting through my penis at 100 billion times the speed of light. My penis is so large that it would take approx. 4.1^2 x 78 agoogolplex years to reach the tip of my penis. That's how big it is. If you were to fly around the width of my penis in a ship that travels at the speed if light you would have to start at the big bang and go non stop until the last star burns out - and you would have to go through about 20,000,000,000 of these universe cycles just to get around half of the width of my penis. That's how big my penis is.

God himself has had to step out of the way of my ever growing meat dragon. If HINDU were to break the impact of my penis bursting into our dimension would kill all living things on every planet in the galaxy. After that sperm showers would flood the worlds at the edge of the universe as my penis slowly begins to devour solar systems. Men from the seventh dimension have spent their whole lives studying my mammoth cock. They worship it. Trillions upon trillions live on my left nut alone.

You are not a match for me. I have the biggest penis.