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4/19 - Archetype Zero 2.1.0 Alpha Completed
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From: Onion Posted: 4/19/2004 7:32:17 PM | Options | #001
30: Administrator
Yes after much procrastination the 2.1 source finally is workable. Granted I didn't finish everything I had planned to for the Alpha version, but it doesn't matter anyway. Up until now I have not kept a changelog but from here on in I will.

If you're at all interested in what I didn't finish, here's a quick list of files that will be put into 2.1.0 Beta:

  1. boarded.php - Board Editor
  2. editshop.php - Shop Editor
  3. editlevel.php - Level Editor
  4. edittheme.php - Premade Theme Editor
  5. pboarded.php - Personal Board Editor
The latest version of the source will be on my computer at the following address: I'm going to try and transfer the users table over to the new database structure, as well as the custom themes, but there's no guarantee everything else will port over so easily, namely the messages table. But this new source is significantly faster and much easier for me to work with and update. Plus there's a spellcheck.