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Just a few things about the new source...
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From: Onion Posted: 4/20/2004 6:13:34 PM | Options | #001
30: Administrator
1. Well, obviously, I make a lot of pissant little bugs here and there. In all honesty, I can't catch every little one and if you just tell me what bug you're encountering, I'll try to fix it. Most of them have been minor so far, even though one of them could have allowed anyone to post in all HTML (good thing I caught that before anyone else, eh? >_>)

2. The speed of the boards in certain places is horrific to say the least. I can improve this as well by re-indexing the tables in the DB and rewriting queries here and there, but that'll take time, obviously. Only pages that really seem to be lagging at this point are the index page, gentopic, genmessage, and whois (for mods+ only is it lagging). Coincedentally, those are the most visited pages ~_~

3. There is now an active purge. Here are the settings in a nutshell:

- 1 Moira point awarded to users who have posted a message in the last 24 hours and are above the "Warned" user level.
- All read system notes are deleted.
- All "reset password" thingies expire after the purge.
- All closed accounts without an active post are deleted.
- All moderations and suggestions are deleted after 30 days.
- All topics and messages in those topics which are older than two weeks from boards with a count of 500 topics or more are deleted.
- Warned and Purgatory-ed users are restored after a set date. Warned users are restored after 2 days, Purgatory could be anywhere from 1 day to 34 years.
- All database tables are repaired and optimized.

4. Pspell is slow on any system, but it's the only thing that gets the job done.

5. I'm going to rewrite up the premade themes to work with the ids on the title bar and footer.
From: Magus Machine Posted: 4/20/2004 6:18:41 PM | Options | #002
28: Moderator
I demand someone be put on purg for 34 years.