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My big fat opinion on the active spinoffs.
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From: duckduckduck Posted: 4/16/2004 12:03:11 AM | Options | #021
9: Legend It'd be interesting to see what everyone could do with their boards if they were their full-time jobs (ala GameFAQs).

I just keep my mouth shut for the most part because I know I'd do things a lot different than any of the spinoffs currently around. Not knowing how to code, however, makes my opinions pretty much moot.

I don't really have enough motivation to learn either, or do stuff . . . and junk. Slackerdom is my home, like a union mexican on valium.
This is... odd, but I'll put it in just to see what happens ~ Jay
From: Forever Posted: 4/16/2004 12:13:01 AM | Options | #022
30: Administrator We're only poor because we haven't made you a mod yet.
From: BigRedMachine Posted: 4/16/2004 12:16:36 AM | Options | #023
6: New User Of course, because if I was a mod, then at least one good mod would be on the staff.
From: Junk Posted: 4/16/2004 12:49:47 AM | Options | #024
7: Regular User Spinoffs will become popular again by August, it's time again.
-=Junkie=- |
From: BigRedMachine Posted: 4/16/2004 12:59:46 AM | Options | #025
6: New User "Popular?"

There are more spin-off users now than ever before--the problem is that 99% of them are complete fucktards.

Assuming this Neo-DSL ever becomes a reality, I certainly hope it rises to the occasion and implements standards.

Quite honestly, most of WF's and OB's users don't even deserve to live, let alone post on what should be an exclusive message board community.

That's not to say that I'm adverse to growth--new users are not intrinsically harmful--quite the opposite in fact.

Intelligent users (and with them, intelligent discussion) should be encouraged to join.
From: DCyb Posted: 4/16/2004 3:31:05 AM | Options | x | #026
6: New User [This message was deleted by its poster]
From: DCyb Posted: 4/16/2004 3:31:45 AM | Options | #027
6: New User I think that if PM and XTUX run the boards like rancid did, what with the banning of people who were complete retards, then it will turn out fine. But that kind of policy would probably scare people off , like DSL3, 25 or so users on and not a one posting. That sucked.
From: Magus Posted: 4/16/2004 4:05:01 AM | Options | #028
6: New User *agrees with Onion's ratings*
From: Numenor Posted: 4/16/2004 4:10:39 AM | Options | #029
28: Moderator I'll bring something back that's been missing for a long time--standards

...and what would that be?

Mac OSX is like Windows XP... only good.
From: Nikanoru Posted: 4/16/2004 5:25:07 AM | Options | #030
28: Moderator Awww, poor BRM doesn't like the mods here because we don't like seeing 2 or 3 pages of scrolling lyrics


I'm heartbroken
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