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TU's converstation with a poop-loving pedophile
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From: ModernIconoclasm Posted: 4/11/2004 3:12:25 PM | Options | #001
6: New User (07:34:27) XThe UnknownX: HAHAHAH you
(07:34:31) XThe UnknownX: are a failure in life
(07:34:50) nerosaim: ...who r u
(07:34:57) XThe UnknownX: Go shit your pants, little fucker
(07:35:05) nerosaim: hm...
(07:35:16) XThe UnknownX:
(07:35:17) XThe UnknownX: HAHAHAHA
(07:35:19) XThe UnknownX: Failure
(07:35:51) nerosaim: ???? i didnt write that
(07:35:58) XThe UnknownX: Sure.
(07:36:02) nerosaim: serously
(07:36:14) nerosaim: wtf r u a perv
(07:36:18) XThe UnknownX: Haha, no.
(07:36:22) XThe UnknownX: I'm guessing you're a pedo.
(07:36:35) nerosaim: T
(07:37:13) XThe UnknownX: You wrote that, someboy found it and posted it for all the internet to see.
(07:37:41) nerosaim: ...dude wtf?
(07:37:58) nerosaim: my names not evan abby
(07:38:07) nerosaim: im a fuking guy
(07:38:26) XThe UnknownX: Hahaha. You're probably roleplaying then
(07:38:32) nerosaim: WTF???
(07:38:40) nerosaim: you have sick problems
(07:38:49) XThe UnknownX: Well, you'll more than likely be harassed by other something awful visitors.
(07:39:12) nerosaim: hmm...ok....then ill sue your ass
(07:39:14) XThe UnknownX: It's a shame you have a shit fetish, really.
(07:39:16) XThe UnknownX: HAHAHAAHAH
(07:39:20) XThe UnknownX: How would you go about doing that?
(07:39:30) nerosaim: or whoeva owns that site
(07:39:33) XThe UnknownX: You're the one who pretends to be eleven year old shit loving children.
(07:39:36) nerosaim: yall r sik fuks
(07:39:42) nerosaim: WTF??
(07:39:50) nerosaim: i didnt evan fuking rite that
(07:39:52) XThe UnknownX: Oh come on, you have a problem
(07:39:59) XThe UnknownX: The first step is admitting that you have a problem
(07:40:07) XThe UnknownX: your problem is a feces fetish
(07:40:16) XThe UnknownX: Quite nasty, and often mixes with pedophilia.
(07:40:24) XThe UnknownX: I don't like either. They need to be destroyed.
(07:47:05) nerosaim: hi
(07:47:08) nerosaim: fuker
(07:56:19) XThe UnknownX: Hi!
(07:56:44) XThe UnknownX: So why do you enjoy little boys?
(07:56:55) XThe UnknownX: Because that is a mental problem.

(07:59:30) XThe UnknownX: So I wonder who I should contact for your pedophiliac activities?
(07:59:56) XThe UnknownX: Go ahead, warn me--it is rather easy to fix.
(08:00:15) XThe UnknownX: I just want to know--why are you a dirty pedophile?
(08:00:28) XThe UnknownX: Why not heal yourself? By.....suicide?
(08:00:46) XThe UnknownX: You're a shit-loving homosexual pedophile
(08:01:01) XThe UnknownX: What if I showed everybody you knew that message board post you made?
(08:03:24) XThe UnknownX: Your kind disgusts me
(08:04:12) nerosaim: ...i dont know who the fuk u r, or what the fuk u want, but yall r fuked up in the head for makinf shit like that, ima fuking guy and my name isnt abby
(08:04:30) XThe UnknownX: Of course---you pretended to be somebody named "abby"
(08:04:37) nerosaim: WTF
(08:04:54) XThe UnknownX: You got excited at the roleplaying you made on that forum where people talk about their shit fetishes
(08:05:05) nerosaim: WTF???
From: ModernIconoclasm Posted: 4/11/2004 3:17:50 PM | Options | #002
6: New User (08:05:36) nerosaim: BTW was that u that made that up?
(08:06:06) XThe UnknownX: Haha, I don't even know you. You posted that wanting to have others IM you with shit roleplay
(08:06:23) nerosaim: ???
(08:06:34) nerosaim: ive never evan herd of that sik fetish
(08:06:45) XThe UnknownX: HAHA
(08:06:48) XThe UnknownX: How old are you?
(08:06:52) nerosaim: 14
(08:07:02) XThe UnknownX: Looks like you're a pedo in training, then
(08:07:04) XThe UnknownX: You need help
(08:07:11) XThe UnknownX: Talk to a counselor.
(08:07:28) nerosaim: ...dude WTF! im 14 and have nothing to do with shitting my pants, i fuking do web design and layouts(08:08:38)
XThe UnknownX: Are you good at web design?
(08:08:58) nerosaim: somewhat
(08:09:09) XThe UnknownX: what HTML editor do you use?
(08:09:19) nerosaim: notepad
(08:09:25) nerosaim: sometimes dreameweaver
(08:10:13) XThe UnknownX: what does a:hover { text-decoration:none } do?
From: ModernIconoclasm Posted: 4/11/2004 3:26:29 PM | Options | #003
6: New User 8:10:52) XThe UnknownX: It's action?
(08:11:03) nerosaim: like, weather to underline or not
(08:11:06) nerosaim: or to bold
(08:11:10) nerosaim: shit like that
(08:11:17) XThe UnknownX: text-decoration doesn't bold
(08:11:28) nerosaim: ....nvm
(08:11:46) XThe UnknownX: So why would that post have your AIM screen name if you didn't post it?
(08:12:05) nerosaim: good question
(08:12:24) nerosaim: where is this posted anyway??

(08:12:57) XThe UnknownX: Sometimes they look over the internet for hilarious posts on message boards and post them all over for the world to see
(08:13:20) nerosaim: yea i know, but where is the orignal posted, the one that guy got it from
(08:14:00) XThe UnknownX:
(08:14:04) XThe UnknownX: I think it is that one.
(08:14:34) nerosaim: OMFG, wtf
(08:14:57) nerosaim: i should email bravenet and get that shit shut down
(08:16:11) XThe UnknownX: Subject: Re: diaper punishment
Date Posted: Mar 31, 04 - 8:08 PM
Email: [email protected]
Message: hmmm....i dont know who wrote that and put my email.....thats not cool, i happent to be a GUY of the age of 14 and have a site...but who the BANk wrote that story???? wasnt me anyway chek out
(08:17:12) nerosaim: that links not right
(08:17:26) nerosaim: dude i think someones stalking me
(08:17:41) nerosaim: do u have a direct link to the actual post of that
(08:17:46) nerosaim: i wana c it and reply
(08:17:49) XThe UnknownX:\
(08:17:52) XThe UnknownX:

So what is the verdict? Is he a pedophile or someone who was framed? Of course, it is doubtful that a pedo would actually admit to being a pedo, of course.