Paradoxicity Message Boards New User Guide
Board Rules (in brief)

The Paradoxicity boards have some very leinent rules, and some very leinent moderators. This is a necessity due to the small size of the community here (over 4 users). As a quick refresher of the Terms of Service (which you agreed to follow when you signed up), here are a quick list of things you should not do as a member.

  1. Don't be offensive. Messages insulting someone's race, religion, handicap, or sexual preference will be moderated very quickly. The last one in particular is a big one; using the words "gay", "homo", or anything similar as a term of insult is a serious offense. Using someone's lifestyle as a term of insult is insulting to them, and it won't be tolerated.
  2. Don't ask for or offer pirated ROMs/Games/MP3s/Videos/Warez. If what you're doing is a violation of copyright law, then it's a TOS violation as well. You can talk about emulators and mod chips, but if you discuss trading pirated software, you risk being moderated.
  3. Don't insult other users. Argue and fight all you want, but if you insult a person you're arguing with, it's a TOS violation. If someone gets you so mad you want to call them a name, then just don't post in that topic anymore.
  4. Don't start trouble. Going into boards and trying to get other people to start insulting you is just as bad as insulting them yourself. If you happen to hate a particular game/system/genre, the only thing you'll do by announcing so on that board will be to get other people upset, and that's a TOS violation.
  5. Stay on-topic. In order to preserve some semblance of order, topicality is enforced on every board except specially designated "Social" boards. If you're not talking about the game/system/genre of the board you're on, you're bringing down the quality of the conversation on that board.
  6. Don't ruin the game for everyone else. Talking about how a major character dies halfway through a game is a plot "spoiler", and you need to mark your post in a way where people who don't want to know that don't read that information accidentally.
  7. Don't advertise. If you want everyone to come to your web site, put it in your signature, and post normally. Posting a topic asking people to come to your site is spam, and it won't be tolerated.
There are a few other rules, so it's recommended that you read the Terms of Service before posting your first message.

What about freedom of speech? Can't I post anything I want?

When you signed up for the Paradoxicity message boards, you voluntarily agreed to follow the rules here. "Freedom of speech" applies only to the federal government, not private businesses, and in any case, you willingly relinquished some of those rights to have an account here. If you do not feel that you can follow the rules here, you are more than welcome to create your own message board on a server that you pay for, and subsequently enforce your own set of rules.

How do I...?

If you can't figure out how to do something, or there's something you don't understand, read the Help Files. They should explain almost everything you need to know. If you're still stuck, try asking for help on the Message Board Help Board.