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The Egg came first.
I have a theory.

Skipping all the religious bullshit, we know that all animals mutated and evolved from an animal that is currently not in existance. At the time when animals were evolving there were creatures we knew not of. One of those creatures would have to be the great grandfather. Now, that animal had to lay and egg, eventually leading to an animal closer to the chicken, after many years, an egg was lain by an animal so closely related to the chicken, but not quite there, when that egg cracked came the first chicken ever known to man.
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My breakfast came first.

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The egg came first, dinosaurs had eggs WAY before there were chickens. </stupid logic>
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but supposing chickens had existed in their current state from the start, which is entirely possible, and thus the chickens could come first. or suppose that what began as a chicken changed into something else and then back into a chicken and scientist were thrown off.

i win >_>
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