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Still don't have enough, or still want to know how it works? Go herefor more information.
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+Mirc 6.12, a serial for it and official FAQ (three seperate files)
+a ban-protection IRC addon (prevents others from "kicking" you)
+an IRC FAQ written by Shuzo
+an IRC FAQ by Graphic Angel
+BitTorrent FAQ by Smelly Socks.
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Current Bounties: virtue rewarded
Due to the demand and number of requests here - virtue will be rewarded for good FAQs on the following:
BitTorrent - 1V
IRC - 3V

These FAQS must be easy to follow and include working links for download. You can use the offical FAQs for these programs as a guide but should condense and simplify (ie: write them so no one will have any unresolved problems or questions whatsoever - including walthrough samples is a good idea)

I will host these FAQs somewhere accessable so we can link people who have questions in the future. The IRC one is worth more because I know what an undertaking that one will be. I'd write it myself but I'm too laz... er, important.
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I would be interested in seeing one of these FAQs.
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wowow first result of google wtf *gievs cleft 250 bazillion SV*
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You can use the offical FAQs for these programs as a guide but should condense and simplify
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I skipped over that part.
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"official FAQs" being anything google turns up . . .
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Quick!Someone copy all of this site down into FAQ form!
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Got it.

I mean...

Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And when you look long into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you.
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What is there hard to understand about bittorrent?

My sig
BitTorrent is not hard to understand, that's why the reward is 1/3rd of the IRC FAQ.

If there are no takers, I may raise the bounties slightly - or write them myself . . .
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When you want to share something, you create a .torrent for it. You do that with completedir or maketorrent or TorrentWiz. You share the .torrent file with other people, whether on a web page or via email, or whatever. That .torrent file contains a link back to a certain tracker. (And various information about the files that are in the torrent, the number of pieces they have been broken into, and more.) The tracker can be your tracker or someone else's tracker. It doesn't matter because all trackers do the same thing: track.

When someone launches the .torrent file and starts up a BT client, it asks them where to download the file. If you point it at the file you already have, it checks to make sure you have all of it and that it is not corrupt. Whether you have all of it or not, your BT client connects to the tracker. The BT client tells the tracker that it is interested in this specific .torrent file. (That's what that big mess of hex numbers, the info_hash, is for.) The tracker tells the BT client about other people running BT clients that are also interested in that same .torrent file. At that point, the tracker doesn't really do or know anything else, like anything specific about what is in the torrent. All it does it keep a list of who all is interested in which .torrent file. (Hence: tracker.)

From there, your BT client takes that list of interested people, and starts to talk to them. Your BT client talks to other clients and says "I have these parts (x,y,z), and I need these parts (a,b,c), what about you?". Your client then says "I'll trade you part y for part b?" and if the other client is agreeable, you get that piece. The pieces you get are almost random, which is why the BT client starts off by making a full size file (or files), as it will then be filling in random parts as you get them, and why you have to wait for the "Download 100% complete" message, even though it looks like you have the files already. This tit-for-tat exchange is also why your download speed is related to your upload speed, and why torrents start off slow but get progressively faster. (As you have more to share, more people want to trade with you.) The clients keep doing this until everyone gets the entire file.

This is where the tracker comes back into play. Every 30 minutes, each BT client dials home to the tracker and tells it how it is going. (That's how you get the nice completion statistics you see on so many tracker home pages.) The client also gets an updated list of people who are interested in the torrent. Even if your client can't get back in touch with the tracker, as long as it got that list once and there are still parts that other people have that you want, you will still be able to keep downloading. But if you run out of parts and can't talk to the tracker to get a new list of people, you're screwed.

That's why you need to keep both running. The tracker has to stay running so that everyone can keep getting new lists of people, and the client has to stay running so that the parts will get shared and actual downloading will occur.

A good BT client, which resumes downloads and is simple so almost nothing is required of you is BitTorrent++, which can be found
As a user you run a "client" program which connects to a "server" in an IRC network. All servers are interconnected and pass messages from user to user over the IRC network. One server can be connected to several other servers and up to hundreds of clients. Several larger and smaller IRC networks exist. The largest one, called EFnet (Eris Free net), usually serves over 15000 users at any given moment. Smaller ones, like Undernet (10000) and Dalnet (5000), are a lot less populated but often offer more stability and convenience.

An irc client reads in the commands and text that you supply to it, and parses them. It filters them and performs the appropriate actions, and if necessary, passes them on to your IRC server. An IRC server can serve many other clients. The server holds information about the channels and people on IRC, as well as other pieces of information, and is also responsible for routing your messages to other users. The IRC network itself consists of multiple servers which are all connect to each other.

First, you have to make sure an irc client is installed on your system. If you do not have one you should ask your local system admin to install a client on your PC or local area network. If you have a stand-alone PC with internet acces you have to obtain and install a client yourself. (dont worry ..its easy!)

Popular IRC clients (in no particular order) : mIRC, Virc and Pirch. You can get an IRC client by anonymous ftp from several sites (use the one closest to you) If you are not familiar with ftp, ask your network provider or local network guru for assistance. You can also access these FTP sites with your web browser! FTP sites are for instance;

Maybe it is easier for you to use your web browser to visit one of the worldwide available archives with Internet programs. Go to one of them and use 'IRC' as a search term. Please take your time, do zome reading, and make sure to download the program you like;

Tucows http://www.tucows.com/
CWSApps http://cws.internet.com/32irc.html
CNet http://download.com/
Jumbo http://www.jumbo.com/

You can also visit the programs' World Wide Web pages to download the clients;

mIRC http://www.mirc.co.uk/index.html
OrbitIRC http://www.orbitirc.com/
LeafChat http://www.leafdigital.com/Software/leafChat/
Fahrenheit Carrera http://www.sofasitters.com/
XiRCON http://www.xircon.com/
Internet Tele Cafe http://www.telecafe.com/telecafe/
Masquerade http://www.hijinx.com.au/
wsIRC (No website anymore)

Besides running MS-Windows you need to have a properly installed WINSOCK. If you can use FTP, E-mail, News or other Internet programs from within Windows already, you can safely assume you have a winsock installed and it is working properly. If you do not have a properly working winsock installed on your PC you should install one first.

The first time you run your IRC client program you have to fill in some information about yourself, such as, your Internet address and the IRC server with which you want to connect. Your client may also have a section for you to specify the port, password, real name, email address, nickname(s), IP address and Local Host name. These options are usually found under File/Setup/.

It's usually best to try and connect to a geographically close server, even though that may not always be the best. Local (nearby) servers will normally work faster for you and will give you unrestricted access. You can always ask for suggestions on nearby server addresses when you log on to IRC.

In general, the port number to use is 6667. Some, but not all, servers listen to other ports (most commonly in the 6665-6670 range). When in doubt, select port 6667 (Dalnet usually uses port 7000). A port number should be seen as an entrance to a server. If you take the wrong entrance (port) the server will not understand what you are doing, and will disconnect you.

Normally you do not need a password to use an IRC server. Most servers allow anonymous access. If you do not have a password for an IRC server then leave the password entry field blank. If you are prompted for a login or password and you dont know what to type, try to connect to another server.

On IRC you are known to others by a nickname. You are free to choose any nickname you like, up to 9 characters long. Do not use spaces and avoid unusual ASCII characters in your nickname. It is also very common to find people that use the same nickname and you may be asked or choose to switch nicknames to avoid confusion.

First of all, always try some other IRC servers when you are unable to access your favorite one. The server, its machine or the route to the server may just be down or broken. When using a new server name you should make sure a server with the specified name actually exists. The server name you specified could be wrong. If the server exists, you can then try the numeric address of the server rather than its symbolic one (e.g for irc.sci.kun.nl). This will solve problems if your Domain Name Server is down, slow, does not understand the name you gave it or cannot translate it into a numeric address.

(Part 2 coming)
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(Part 2)

A "Not enough user parameters" error will occur if you try to connect to a server but you did not have the Local Host name filled in, or had it filled in incorrectly. Check your entry in your client's setup menu. Also check if you supplied your client with a valid E-Mail address.

This is a server message to you, it has nothing to do with registering or paying for your IRC client. If you receive this message or if you get disconnected very quickly, your Local Host name or IP Address may be wrong, or not filled in at all. Look in your client's setup dialog and check if the Local Host is correct and if the IP Address is filled in correctly. An easy way to solve an incorrect IP Address is to set the 'On connect, always get' "IP Address" and "Local Host" to "ON" and restart your client. If this does not help you could be trying to connect to a NON-public server. Try another server to be sure.

"Ghosts are not allowed on IRC" means that you are banned from using that server. You cannot be completely banned from IRC. Banning exists only on a per-server basis (being banned on one server does not mean you are automatically banned from another). When you're banned you can not use a server. Alternatively IRC servers can accept you under resticted access only. Banning is in one of three forms:

* You are banned specifically, you yourself. Only you can be responsible for this (if you are using a shared account or dynamic IP addressing, this obviously does not apply). The responsibility lies completely with you and you have no one to complain to.
* Your machine is banned. Chances are, you did committed no wrongdoing. Try using another machine on the network if you have one and seeing if you can use that particular irc server.
* Your whole site is banned (where "site" is a "school", "company", "country" or "provider"). This almost certainly is not your fault. Chances of geting the server-ban lifted are slim. Try using another server.

The most general answer is "use another server", but if it bothers you, try writing to the irc administrator of that site (type /admin servername). Be polite in explaining your case.

Some servers restrict access to local users and might therefore close or not even accept a connection from you. Bad behavior by you or your friends, customers from your provider or an entire country may also be restrcited from using certain servers. In each case, an attempt to connect will result in a response similar to the following:

*** Attempting to connect (irc.network.net)
Local host: cheops (
Catch22 You are banned from this server
Closing Link: Catch22[irc.stud.uni.nl] (K-lined)
*** Disconnected
Getting disconnected with the "No authorization" message occurs due to a similar reason. The server does not give your site access. A server administrator can choose which sites can connect to his server via "I-lines" (called invitation lines). Many servers only I-line local sites so you should try to use a server close to you.

Firewalls can block your IRC session.

Servers can give you restricted access (usermode +r) if you're far away from them or if you or somebody from your site (also read 20) messed up. The only way to get unrestricted IRC access is to find another (more nearby) IRC server. Being restricted has nothing todo with what IRC client you use or with paying (or not yet) for shareware IRC clients like mIRC.

It's probably best to take a look around and see what you want to do first. All IRC commands start with a "/", and most are one word. Typing /help will get you help information. /names will get you a list of all nicknames, /list will give you a list of channels, etc.

A channel is a 'place' on IRC where group conversations occur.To join a channel, type /join #channelname. Try "/join #irchelp" or "/join #mirc" to give it a try... That's it! Once you get to the channel, you will see people talking.

Basic Commands

The forward slash is the default command character. Commands on IRC are not case sensitive, and can be abbreviated to their first letters. Anything that does not begin with "/" is assumed to be a message to someone and will be sent to your current channel, or to a person you are chatting with in a private chat (see below).

HELP shows general help or help on the given command.
LIST lists all current channels.
JOIN to join a channel
PART to leave a channel (same as LEAVE)
QUIT exits your IRC session, (same as BYE and EXIT)
NICK changes your nickname
AWAY leaves a message saying you're away or not paying attention
WHOIS displays information about someone
INVITE sends an invitation to another user
KICK gets rid of someone on a channel
TOPIC changes the topic of the channel
ME sends anything about you to a channel or QUERY

/HELP [command] Shows general help or help on the given command.

/LIST [[{flags}] {channel mask}] Lists all current channels.
In the list you will see all channels (see below), except for those that are secret, with their number of users and the topic. The displayed list may be quite long, so you can limit it using flags. "/LIST -MIN n" for instance removes channels with less than 'n' users from the output.

/JOIN {#channel} Sets your current channel to the supplied channel.
Upon entering a channel, you are given useful details about it: a list of users talking in that channel, channel mode settings and the topic... Joining a channel does not cause you to leave your previous channel and you can normally join as many channels as your connection can handle or that the IRC server allows.
/JOIN #windows
*** Now talking in #windows

/PART [#channel] Makes you leave a channel. (same as LEAVE)
/PART #windows
*** You have left #windows

/QUIT [reason] Exits your IRC session. (Also BYE and EXIT.)
If a reason is supplied, it is displayed to other people on your channels.
/QUIT Lunch Time!

/NICK {nickname} Changes your nickname to whatever you like.
Everyone who wants to talk to you sees this name. Nicknames are limited to 9 characters max. If your intended nickname clashes with someone else's as you enter IRC, you will not be able to enter until you change it to something else. Duplicate nicknames are not allowed; this is enforced by the IRC servers. Under some circumstances, two individuals may temporarily have the same nick but once discovered, both of them will be killed; a nick collision kill.
/NICK Guru
*** Newbie is now known as Guru

/AWAY [away message] Sets your status as away with some info.
Sets a message explaining that you are not currently paying attention to IRC. Whenever someone sends you a MSG or does a WHOIS on you, they automatically see whatever message you have set. Using AWAY with no parameters marks you as no longer being away.
/AWAY Gone to get a cup of coffee.
*** You have been marked as being away
*** You are no longer marked as being away

/WHOIS {nickname} Shows information about someone.
*** Guru is [email protected] (Nuclear free)
*** on channels: @#Windows @#Windows95 #mIRC
*** on via server irc.server.net (The best server)
*** Guru is away (making dinner)
/WHOIS Newbie
*** Newbie: No such nickname

/INVITE {nickname} {#channel} Invites another user to a channel you are on.
If you want a friend to join your channel you can invite him. He will see a message such as ***Guru invites you to #channel. This is required if your channel is 'invite only'.
/INVITE Friend #windows
*** Inviting Friend to #windows
If you receive an INVITE message, you can type "/JOIN {#channel}".

/KICK {#channel} {nickname} Kicks a user off a given channel.
Well, you guessed it, if there is a way to invite someone on a channel, there is also the ablility to KICK someone out of it. For example ,if a person is behaving in an offensive manner by annoying people or flooding the channel with unwanted information, they can be forced out of the channel. Only 'channel operators' are privileged to use this command.
/KICK #windows Lamer
*** Lamer has been kicked off channel #windows by Guru

/TOPIC {#channel} {topic for channel} Changes the channel's topic.
Channels have topics, that indicate the current topic of conversation. You can change this topic on a channel with the TOPIC command.
/TOPIC #windows Lets discuss OS/2
*** Guru has changed topic to "Lets discuss OS/2"

/ME {action description} Tells people about what you are doing.
At times, you may want to send a description of what you are doing or how you are feeling or just anything concerning you on the current channel or in a query.
/ME slaps Newbie with a large trout.
* Guru slaps newbie with a large trout.

The same goal can be achieved towards a specific nickname or channel using:
/DESCRIBE {nickname|#channel} {action description}

Sorry if it's too long. I'll understand if I get no Virtue.
Dear Diary, today I stuffed some dolls full of dead rats I put in the blender. I'm wondering if maybe, there really is something wrong with me.
How to utilize IRC By: Shuzo

If you need to find a crack for any program visit astalavista.us and search for the desired program.
> mIRC
> Alcohold 120%
> Daemon Tools

So you want to download off one of the worlds more active networks but don't know how? Fear not! This tutorial should help you on your way to download all the porno/games/music/movies you want.

Download from any of the mirrors.

Once installed, you can use mIRC as a chat client (who'da thought?) or just simply for downloading.

Configuring (Tools > Options (Alt + O):
Step One:
Sometimes when you want a file, you will be forced to wait in a line-up (queue) for extended periods of time. To set your mIRC up for automatic acceptance for your transfers, under the Options menu you will see a menu on the left hand side with Connect, IRC, Sounds, Mouse, DCC, ect.

> Choose DCC
> A menu on the right should read
"On Send Request:
[] Show get dialogue
[] Auto-get file and []Minimize
If file exists:
[Popdown menu]
[x] Auto-get file

Step Two:
Some files will automatically be rejected by mIRC if you do not tell it otherwise. So you have to disable this feature before it becomes too much of a pain.

> In the DCC Menu on the left hand side there should be now little suboptions (Options, folders, Ignore, fserve, ect.)
> Choose Ignore and a new menu should appear with a pop down menu.
"Method: Accept Only/ Ignore Only/ Disabled"
> Choose Disabled

At the bottom of the same page there is an option to
"[x] Turn ignore back on in: X minutes"
Uncheck this option and then click "OK" at the bottom of the page.

Congrats! That hard part's over!

A fast efficient way of downloading over mIRC is www.packetnews.com.
This site, acts as a seach engine for over 10000 channels to make sure you can find whatever file you desire.
At the search bar on top fill out whatever file/program you would like to seach for and press enter or the seach button.
Say we were looking for "Condition Zero".
We would enter that into the box and click seach.
Results would appear as follows:
Channel: #warez-online-games
bot | active | slots | que | kps | pack | gets | size | description
[xdcc]wog-f7589b 41m24s 0/10 1/100 #1 34x 1.3g cz

We see that we would connect to ABSURD-IRC, enter Channel #warez-online-games and download from [xdcc]wog-f7589b.
The magic of packetnews is it's useability.
All you have to simple do is click the numbered link under the "pack" column.
So we go ahead and click it.
Once it's clicked mIRC should open and should automatically connect to the network and channel.
When you are connected to the channel you will see a LOT of gibberish. Ignore it.
In the dialogue box press ctrl-v or your paste button to find that packetnews has also put a code into your clipboard. Press enter and this code should tell the bot with the desired file to send it to you.

Note: If nothing happens check the server dialogue box and look for
[bot's name] name/channel does not exhist.
If this appears then that bot has gone offline and you'll have to try a different bot or wait until that bot comes back online.

There are two roads if the bot is online.
> The bot will place you in line for the file.
> The bot will send you the file.

If you are placed in line for the file, it may take minutes to hours to even start downloading your file. But fear not! Just minimize and forget about mIRC as you post on your favorite set of message boards (www.theoutboards.com) and the configurations to auto-receive the file will take care of everything for you!

If the bot sends you the file, it should simply start downloading.

Receiving the file:
All files, by default, will appear in mIRC's program folder.
(c:\program files\mirc\downloads\)
To change this simply go to your options menu.

Once your file downloads it should be all ready! That wasn't so hard was it?

EXTRA: .Bin and .Cue files.
So you downloaded your favorite game only to find that it's just one huge file. What do you do with it??? Well, think of it as a virtual CD. What you need is a virtual CD Drive!
Download Alcohol 120% (www.alcohol-software.com/) or Daemon Tools (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/portal/download.php/).
What they are are a programs that make a virtual CD Drive.
How to use them:
> Open up alcohol and drag the .cue file into the list.
> Once that is done double click it.
> Go to my computer and you should see that there is a CD in your new virtual drive.
> Double click and install like you would any other CD.
> Right click and "Explore" the CD to see if there are any cracks on the CD that you need to use.

When I installed it, it just stays in my system tools (bottom right hand corner).
> Right click on the Daemon icon and look through the different menu branches until you see 'mount images'
> Click 'mount image' and lead the file browser to the .cue file.
(Similar to alcohol)
> Go to my computer and you should see that there is a CD in your new virtual drive.
> Double click and install like you would any other CD.
> Right click and "Explore" the CD to see if there are any cracks on the CD that you need to use.

Removing or 'Ejecting' CDs
Once you've installed, you'll want to delete the .bin and .cue files because, really, who needs it?
> Remember: Make sure you have all the cracks from the disk.
> Now, Simply right click on the CD drive and select 'un-mount image'.
>>I think it works for both, but if it doesn't work for Daemon then go to Daemon's menu and select 'Unmount all images'
> Delete the .bin and .cue files and enjoy!
Okay, I've got them saved and will look at them later and dole out V - thanks guys!
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Okay, I've gone ahead and uploaded everything. If you need to find this directory in the future, this post is duplicated both on my personal board (#420) and on the Virtue Bounty board (#5).

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