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From: XThe UnknownX | Posted: 8/31/2003 11:16:09 AM | Mark | Suggest

My friend Mailbox keeps it coming.
From: Scizerus | Posted: 8/31/2003 11:26:02 AM | Mark | Suggest
Nice. Retards are funny.
AAHH!!!! Quick spit down my throat my guts are on FIRE!!!
From: Roaddhogg | Posted: 8/31/2003 11:27:29 AM | Mark | Suggest
With the exception of you, of course.
From: LessThanJake | Posted: 8/31/2003 11:27:49 AM | Mark | Suggest
i posted thre its funny
First Rule is.... the laws of germany, Second Rule is.... be nice to mommy, Third Rule is.... don't talk to commies, Fourth Rule is.... eat kosher salamis
From: Scizerus | Posted: 8/31/2003 11:43:35 AM | Mark | Suggest
The hate people the hate. Spread the love.
AAHH!!!! Quick spit down my throat my guts are on FIRE!!!
From: XThe UnknownX | Posted: 8/31/2003 11:44:47 AM | Mark | Suggest

I'm talking to that Crow faggot. This is great. Just comedy.
From: XThe UnknownX | Posted: 8/31/2003 11:45:12 AM | Mark | Suggest
Session Start (AIM - XTheUnknownX:BlackCrow1515): Sun Aug 31 11:30:11 2003
*** BlackCrow1515 signed on at Sun Aug 31 11:30:14 2003.
XThe UnknownX: You believe you can outsmart me?
XThe UnknownX: I am the topmost authority on dream researxch
BlackCrow1515: are you Mailbox dude?
XThe UnknownX: Yes, I am.
BlackCrow1515: i suggest you close your topic sometime soon
BlackCrow1515: it's completely idiotic and ridiculous
XThe UnknownX: No, child.
BlackCrow1515: child? my mind is far greater than that of a child
XThe UnknownX: Delusions.
XThe UnknownX: You are limited by the capacity of the human mind
BlackCrow1515: limited?
BlackCrow1515: you're being limited
BlackCrow1515: nothing but rape and/or genitals
XThe UnknownX: You fail to see the truth behind your dreams
XThe UnknownX: You are in denial.
XThe UnknownX: You enjoy the sexuality of pain.
BlackCrow1515: ok
BlackCrow1515: i know i'm denial
BlackCrow1515: i'm in denial over a whole bunch of shit
XThe UnknownX: Yes.
XThe UnknownX: I find it good you are accepting it.
BlackCrow1515: but it is you who is being weak
XThe UnknownX: You are realizing the truths of your desires.
XThe UnknownX: Me, weak?
XThe UnknownX: I have a masters degree in dream research.
XThe UnknownX: Don't tell me what I am and am not, son.
BlackCrow1515: if somebody had a dream that they're chasing a ball, you'd probably say, "Your dream means that you want to put a hole in the wall!"
BlackCrow1515: "And then you want to fuck the hole!"
XThe UnknownX: No, son.
BlackCrow1515: "While beating a woman!"
BlackCrow1515: you're full of bullshit
BlackCrow1515: now fuck off
XThe UnknownX: I see you are in denial still.
XThe UnknownX: Son, please.
XThe UnknownX: I think you are a closet homosexual.
XThe UnknownX: It is alright and socially acceptable to be one.
XThe UnknownX: You should be proud.
BlackCrow1515: somebody with X at the beginning and end of their s/n is a fuckin faggot
XThe UnknownX: How so?
BlackCrow1515: immaturity must suck, doesn't it?
XThe UnknownX: Son, what kind of music do you listen to?
XThe UnknownX: This is vitally important.
BlackCrow1515: German metal
XThe UnknownX: Such as Good Charlotte?
BlackCrow1515: German you dumb fuck
XThe UnknownX: GC is german.
XThe UnknownX: I am german.
XThe UnknownX: You are german.
BlackCrow1515: no... Good Charlotte is english
XThe UnknownX: We are all german.
BlackCrow1515: no
BlackCrow1515: we're not
BlackCrow1515: some people are african american, some people are irish, some people are scottish
XThe UnknownX: No, we are all german.
BlackCrow1515: maybe you should go back to third grade
XThe UnknownX: To deny this is to deny humanity.
XThe UnknownX: What other bands do you listen to?
BlackCrow1515: i didn't say what bands i listen to
XThe UnknownX: We already established Good Charlotte
XThe UnknownX: Now list what else you listen to.
BlackCrow1515: Megaherz, In Extremo, and Rammstein
BlackCrow1515: Godsmack, Metallica, Korn...
BlackCrow1515: Beethoven, Mozart, etc...
XThe UnknownX: Mwahahaahahah
XThe UnknownX: HAhahahahah
XThe UnknownX: None of those are metal.
BlackCrow1515: and you say i'm messed up?
XThe UnknownX: No, I say you're an idiot.
XThe UnknownX: Go listen to your mainstream shit.
XThe UnknownX: And ANGSTILY knock down garbage cans.
XThe UnknownX: German Metal? Korn? Godsmack? Ahahaha
BlackCrow1515: you're apparantly not worth my time
XThe UnknownX: You need some Death Metal, son.
XThe UnknownX: Download Dechristianize
XThe UnknownX: By Vital Remains.
XThe UnknownX: Go Download some Cannibal Corpse
XThe UnknownX: A good song by them is "Fucked with a knife"
XThe UnknownX: Well, son, I will be seeing you soon.
XThe UnknownX: Tell me what you think of those