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Thank goodness there are only two words that end with ''-gry''
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From: CJayC | Posted: 11/30/00 9:21:03 PM | Mark for Moderation
Otherwise, we'd be swamped with ''Now I'm ---gry'' all night...

There should be an intelligence test for bandwidth.
- Me, 11/14/00
From: Sailor Ed | Posted: 11/30/00 9:21:32 PM | Mark for Moderation
From: The Humanoid Typhoon | Posted: 11/30/00 9:21:56 PM | Mark for Moderation
''There's nothing like the sound of hundreds of voices screaming in unison.'' - Kefka
From: GalFord | Posted: 11/30/00 9:22:20 PM | Mark for Moderation
~GalFord~ ''NeverWhere Storm'' of the CoS
''Walk slow and gaze in innocence at the World around you''
From: Positively Posterior | Posted: 11/30/00 9:22:29 PM | Mark for Moderation

Heh heh...CJayC: Putting a Stop to Annoying Fads!
Positively Posterior
Um, and you wondered why you were called ''green''?- JadeKnight
From: Moonlight Sprite | Posted: 11/30/00 9:23:31 PM | Mark for Moderation
I'm nor hungry or angry, but I am Tiredgry
Blazing Goddess of Inspiration
Nothing is set in stone, rivers turn to oceans, oceans tide you home.
From: wallywest80 | Posted: 11/30/00 9:26:23 PM | Mark for Moderation
*hugs cjayc*
*hugs dais*
O_o errrr
wally''the fastest gun in the''west™
Sexy redneck of the CoS =P
From: HeroOfTheDay | Posted: 11/30/00 9:27:36 PM | Mark for Moderation
In that case, people better not start making up words.....
|Hero|Your ass - future home foot
You appear out of nowhere to insult my taste in websites..~Riesz
From: pepper2000 | Posted: 11/30/00 9:58:16 PM | Delete this message
Even CJayC has taken notice of Chelsea's fad. Not bad for a newbie, no?
Just remember. We're laughing with you, not at you.
From: Paul | Posted: 11/30/00 10:03:36 PM | Mark for Moderation

Pick a word :oP
From: Supergeek | Posted: 11/30/00 10:05:20 PM | Mark for Moderation
Short time to die, long time to wait.
From: tailwind | Posted: 11/30/00 10:08:50 PM | Mark for Moderation
He don't play nice. He's the meanest bastard in all the land.

*high voice*

Me...happy?........nah. Just a phase. ;]
Kids these days ARE a bit... 'hot in the ass.' - Forte

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