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Board Title Topics Msgs Last Post
Featured Game System Boards (Full List)
Arcade Games 39 663 12/15 4:03PM
Microsoft X-Box 55 746 12/15 6:27PM
Nintendo 64 124 1462 12/15 6:51PM
Nintendo Gamecube 72 1424 12/15 6:40PM
PC (MS-DOS/Windows) 130 1003 12/15 6:08PM
Sega Dreamcast 418 4625 12/15 6:51PM
Sony PlayStation 214 2391 12/15 6:51PM
Sony PlayStation2 310 3850 12/15 6:51PM
Featured Special Interest Boards (Full List)
Anime and Manga: Toonami, Fox, and WB
DBZ, Gundam W, Tenchi, Sailor Moon, Digimon... (No Pokemon)
287 4370 12/15 6:48PM
Anime and Manga: Other Titles
Stuff you can't see on everyday TV (No Pokemon)
163 2424 12/15 6:43PM
Classic Gaming
Consoles and computers that are gone but not forgotten
73 1413 12/15 6:27PM
Comics and Graphic Novels
Non-Japanese illustrated stories for young and old.
65 571 12/15 6:35PM
The craze so big it gets its own board.
161 2037 12/15 6:52PM
RPGs - Squaresoft
Final Fantasy, Chrono, Saga, Mana, and more
186 3499 12/15 6:51PM
RPGs - Everything Else
Zelda, Suikoden, Star Ocean, Baldur's Gate...
137 2812 12/15 6:41PM
Sports and Racing
Football, baseball, basketball, NASCAR, both the games and the real thing
39 409 12/15 6:42PM
TV, Movies, and Music
Or, "So, what else do you do in your spare time?"
174 2125 12/15 6:47PM
Site Boards
Official GameFAQs News and Notes
News and Notes from CJayC, the guy in charge.
16 590 12/15 5:06PM
Questions and Suggestions
GameFAQs site help and ideas (not game help) here.
126 867 12/15 6:45PM
Poll of the Day
The daily GameFAQs poll - discuss it or make your own.
108 2860 12/15 6:35PM
FAQ Contributors
A board for past, current, and future FAQ authors.
82 1053 12/15 6:33PM
Review Contributors
A board for past, current, and future Review writers.
100 2114 12/15 6:51PM
Social Boards
Current Events
If it doesn't belong anywhere else, post it here!
650 9511 12/15 6:51PM
Life, the Universe, and Everything
Serious discussions about life, the universe, and everything
176 3926 12/15 6:33PM
Poetry, Lyrics, and Essays
For those with a creative touch. Or not.
110 694 12/15 5:51PM
Random Insanity
Cascading topics, bizarre writing, and senseless acts of posting.
355 11393 12/15 6:52PM
Roleplaying and Fanfiction
Create a story, play a character, have fun!
266 10228 12/15 6:52PM
The Couch
Have a seat. Relax. Get to know each other.
293 9441 12/15 6:52PM
Discuss the TV show and its spawn, or play your own game!
87 3428 12/15 6:50PM

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