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Third Nipple?? What the Heck
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From: doggypaddleguy | Posted: 12/4/00 1:58:03 PM | Mark for Moderation
I noticed that I have some thing under my left chest and theres some hair on that too. It looks like I got a third nipple maybe? Its not a mole and IM not sure what it is. What the heck
From: CVagts | Posted: 12/4/00 2:04:27 PM | Mark for Moderation

You made a topic for THIS? Perhaps you should have consulted a physician first.
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From: Mike8787 | Posted: 12/4/00 2:11:02 PM | Mark for Moderation
1. Hehehe CVagts

2. Sure you're not ripping off Friends?

3. Does it look like a nipple? It could be a rash, a pimple (yes, you can get them everywhere), etc. Do talk to a doctor, though, you don't want to find our it's something bad (like AIDS but don't take my word I have no idea what it would look like). Just check with your physician
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From: Eddie | Posted: 12/4/00 2:35:27 PM | Mark for Moderation
I know a girl who has a third nipple...kinda nasty looking, actually.

If you have hair growing out of the center of it, it is just a mole(probably that anyway).

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