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From: Dingo Jellybean | Posted: 12/14/99 8:54:07 PM | Moderate this message
Well I'm just curious, what was your first FAQ, when did you first submit it in and who or what inspired you to do so? Here's mine:

First FAQ: Marvel vs. Capcom Arcade
Date: 9/1/98
Inspiration: Ryu([email protected]) and Marvel vs. Capcom itself.

Oh yeah, try to be honest. If it was the CRL(Contributor Recognition List) then just tell me. Nobody would get angry at you, I wouldn't. Oh yeah, I was honest if you even have the slightest doubt. Once again this is just sheer curiosity.

From: Silent Bob | Posted: 12/14/99 9:36:45 PM | Moderate this message
So far, my first and only (but not for long!) FAQ is the ''Super Combo Damage Guide'' for Street Fighter Alpha 3(PSX), created on 8/17/99. Now that I think about it, haven't updated for a while, but I guess all that needed to be said was.
From: Silent Bob | Posted: 12/14/99 9:39:01 PM | Moderate this message
Oh yeah, I was inspired by people were saying that ''this special is ultra-powerful'', when in fact there were much better ones. Also, I was kinda bored at the time :P
From: Dallas | Posted: 12/14/99 11:23:33 PM | Moderate this message
My first FAQ was for Adventure Island on the NES and it was written sometime in August of this year (can't remember the day). My inspiration was MetroidMoo, I'm not quite sure why, but his named seemed interesting to me, so I checked out a few of his FAQs and that inspired me to begin mine. Marshmallow also had an influence on me as well.


From: Dallas | Posted: 12/14/99 11:26:53 PM | Moderate this message
WOW! I just checked the CRL (Contributor Recognition List) and I saw that me and Metroid are both ranked 35 (I have 13 more KB than him) I always thought he was somewhere in the 20's. 


From: RLafaurie | Posted: 12/15/99 12:42:12 AM | Moderate this message
My first FAQ was for Super Dodge Ball, but I lost it. Another FAQ I wrote but never published was one with my brother for One Must Fall: 2097.
From: Dallas | Posted: 12/15/99 12:59:38 AM | Moderate this message
Hey Silent Bob, in your SFA3 FAQ, you have that your faq can only be found at ''GameFaq.com'' which leads to a porn site. You forgot the ''S'' in ''GamefaqS.com'' which leads to this excellent site. Just thought I'd point that out just in case some innocent person finds your FAQ at another site and then goes to ''GameFAQ.com'' to find anything but a FAQ.


From: Dallas | Posted: 12/15/99 1:08:21 AM | Moderate this message
Hey RLafaurie, you can get your Super Dodge Ball FAQ back very easily. Just go to it here on the site and then click File, then Save and save it as a txt file to your computer. If you are confused, give me your E-mail address and I'll send you your FAQ for you! 


From: Aya Brea | Posted: 12/15/99 5:06:18 AM | Moderate this message
Gee, lemme check...

FAQ name: SaGa Frontier Skill FAQ
Date: 12 of April this year
Reason: Well... there wasn't any guides that specifically explained the skills the SaGa Frontier at that time and I've just completed the game 11 times, so I thought I knew everything about the game.

I have had no idea that I made it into the top 20 after just 3 guides, 2 of them yet to be completed..

BTW, how do you guys get a Contributor Recognition page? Do you just sent in your stats or something??


From: NickWhiz1 | Posted: 12/15/99 6:08:06 AM | Moderate this message
First FAQ: Mega Man X2
Date: Sometime in September 1999
Inspiration: Procyon Lotor (don't laugh)
From: Deranged | Posted: 12/15/99 12:34:00 PM | Moderate this message
Well, technically my first FAQ was a guide for SSB, specifically the Bonus Stages, although it wasn't accepted, and for good reason(I was just hoping against hope, I guess). It's expanded alot since then...

Anyway, my first FAQ accepted was pretty recent, it's one for J-League Perfect Striker on the N64, finished on 12/11/99(I think, too lazy to go and check myself)... I wrote it for one reason and one reason only - boredom. =)

From: Dallas | Posted: 12/15/99 2:12:21 PM | Moderate this message
Hey Aya, e-mail CJayC at the standard GameFAQs address ([email protected]) and tell him the Alias you want to go by, your e-mail address, and your homepage if you have one and CJayC will take care of the rest. He knows all of the FAQs and Reviews you have submitted so you don't have to tell him. And the next time he updates CRL pages yours will be there :)


From: TBO | Posted: 12/15/99 2:26:05 PM | Moderate this message
My very first FAQ that I wrote was for Street Fighter Alpha 3 (PS). Dingo was the one who inspired me to write THIS FAQ 
and continue it, but my real first influence was one of my 
good friends from way back. 

He always said to me that I should write a FAQ for _this_ 
game or a strategy for _that_ game abecause of all the tips 
I gave him and because of all the times I entered in codes 
for him when he couldn't or gave up. He was really my first 

Anyways, more influences were of course GAmeFAQs and the CRL (ryhmes with TRL) and the rankings CJayC gives. I'm aiming to be on that top 20. I don't really care what position though.


From: Devin Morgan | Posted: 12/15/99 2:41:50 PM | Moderate this message
The first FAQ I ever wrote wasn't an actual FAQ for an entire game; it was just to help in certain parts of it. It was the Great Cave Offensive/Milky Way Wishes FAQ for Kirby Super Star (SNES). I first sent it in sometime in July of 1998. I had no inspiration, except the fact that I figured since I've beaten the game enough times, that I should help those who haven't finish it by helping with those tricky areas of the game.

I never really had much inspiration to write most of my FAQs, except for a couple of them. For those who were wondering what possessed me to make the Ultimate Kirby Guide, here's my reason. I looked at Procyon Lotor's Ultimate Mega Man FAQ once, and I thought maybe I should do the same for Kirby. After all, I owned almost all of the games at the time (now i own them all except Kirby Star Stacker for Gameboy) and it would be nice to make a nice guide with walkthroughs and other info for all the games! So you can say Procyon Lotor inspired me in a way..

My reason for writing my Super Mario RPG FAQ was also due to my looking at other SMRPG FAQs on GameFAQs earlier this year. I saw that each of them had great amounts of info, but none of them were complete. There would be one FAQ with this info and another FAQ with that info, so I chose to write the one and only totally COMPLETE FAQ to the game!

From: Jook | Posted: 12/15/99 3:25:47 PM | Moderate this message
My first one ever was a Secret of Evermore walkthough I did through December of '98. I decided to write one after I had beaten Saga Frontier for the first time, and I also noticed that there wasn't really a SoE walkthrough at GameFAQs already. So I wrote one myself. 
From: Silent Bob | Posted: 12/15/99 3:41:55 PM | Moderate this message
DOH!! I'll get to fixing that right away. Thanks, Dallas, for pointing that out.
From: RLafaurie | Posted: 12/15/99 4:07:04 PM | Moderate this message
Dallas- Oh, the one on GameFAQs was one that I did a long time after losing the first one. When I made my first Super Dodge Ball FAQ, I was just about to come out of junior high and BBSes were still en vogue. Heh. Sorry 'bout the confusion.
From: Dallas | Posted: 12/15/99 7:58:43 PM | Moderate this message
Oh I see, sorry, I got a bit confused there...
From: Dingo Jellybean | Posted: 12/15/99 8:01:43 PM | Moderate this message
Wow, there are a lot of interesting responses. I would have never thought that RL have written up a Glove Ball FAQ, I have never beaten that stupid game. All those squares you have to hit to go to the next room makes me angry at times. then you have this room with those move tiles in the shapes of triangles, squares, and circles that are a pian to get through. I thought a lot of the contributors here were here since last year, but most of them are from this year. Thanks TBO, you've inspired me to try to make more FAQs, A LOT more. I'm in the middle of one right now, I won't tel you which but I can tell you that its on a fighting game and has very few FAQs for it and its pretty old.
From: IdaKathryn | Posted: 12/15/99 9:14:31 PM | Moderate this message
First FAQ: Sonic Championship
Date: 8/29/99
Inspiration: Not a lot of people have played it


''Buttercup, will you calm it down?!''- Buster Bunny (Adventures of Espio and Molly, one of my fan animes)

http://members.aol.com/IdaKathry/wwa.html (Wacky World Adventures)

http://members.aol.com/HreToday/bunny.html (Hare Today, Gone Today)

http://members.aol.com/IdaKathry/ffr.html (Far From Reality)

From: Gruel | Posted: 12/15/99 11:19:53 PM | Moderate this message
My first FAQ was WWF Attitude for Game Boy Color in July of this year. I thought that was gonna be my only contribution to GameFAQs, but the review contest in August inspired me to contribute even more. I think I got 12th overall in that contest and did pretty good. 

I then made myself a goal that I'll make as many FAQs as I can to cover most of the wrestling games in the US market than all the other GameFAQ writers.

I think I accomplished that with my WCW & WWF character guides, but I still contribute regular guides to the newest wrestling games. 

From: Dan GC | Posted: 12/21/99 10:08:56 PM | Moderate this message
Here are my stuff:

First FAQ: Ehrgeiz Cloud Character Guide
Date: Somewhere during mid 1998
Inspiration: Not many FAQs for game, plus I had access to a somewhat complete move list, plus there was some great strategis to the game and a lot of stuff that nobody knew (except me).

From: Dingo Jellybean | Posted: 12/22/99 5:09:56 PM | Moderate this message
Hey that's pretty good Dan CG. We do need FAQs for games that don't have them. Oh yeah about Greul, I've seen your work a bunch of times, although I'm not a fan of wrestling games I'll just assume that the FAQs are super detailed and quality work, besides just reading your fAQ spells quality, that goes to all of you contributors!!!!!!!! I MEAN IT!!!!!!
From: Sunshine | Posted: 12/23/99 10:56:10 AM | Moderate this message
I was inspired by Marshmallows zelda64 faq. It was really amusing to read.

The first one I did was to the NEs game swordmaster.

Be good/Sunshine

From: Dingo Jellybean | Posted: 12/23/99 12:15:07 PM | Moderate this message
Jeez how come people have 2 week vacations? I only have one week and its about to start right after I get home from school!
From: NemesisEra | Posted: 12/23/99 5:59:28 PM | Moderate this message
Well...my first one was the Final Fantasy I Boss Guide...I did it just for fun...I am working on may FAQs right now..I consider it a hobby of mine now its fun!
From: Dallas | Posted: 12/23/99 6:41:27 PM | Moderate this message
Dingo you only get 1 week!?!?!? I get a 3 week vacation and I don't go back until January 10th! Ahhh, no school for another 2.5 weeks! Happy Holidays to all!


From: Prof Rev | Posted: 12/27/99 4:33:42 AM | Moderate this message
My first FAQ was going to be a joint effort with the guy that used to run Planet Saturn for Giant Gram, but then a good FAQ for the game came out and I just worked on the move list that I had started for the original FAQ...and viola! My Giant Gram move list.

It was a real learning experience though, I started the FAQ in HTML and put it up person by person on my website, then I converted it to SimpleText, which just about killed it with the screwy spacing and all. Then I mailed it to my old computer and converted it with Word Pad and went through the whole thing lining it up and deleting the HTML tags. BUT at the time I didn't know that WordPad's automatic word wrap didn't stick when you uploaded the document, SO I had to go through the whole thing again in NotePad and finally got it right...*WHEW* 

I have to admit that getting done with that first FAQ is a very good feeling. After that I just wanted to do more and more and more!^_^ But there were no games that really seemed to need FAQs that didn't have them for the DC at the time. Luckily things didn't stay that way for long^_^

Technically, the first REAL FAQ-type writing I did was translating the AJPW featuring Virtua move chart for my site, but they're pretty ugly when I look at them now. But I never seem to have time to go and redo them properly, Oh well...


From: Renick | Posted: 12/30/99 6:19:56 AM | Moderate this message
My first FAQ was on Ogre for Tekken Tag, and I've also written a Tenchu FAQ. I'm currently writing another TTT FAQ on Bryan, I've finished 90K and I'm not even halfway, so it's going to be pretty big.
From: FlikFace | Posted: 1/5/00 4:06:42 PM | Moderate this message
Faq: Suikoden 2 Faq

Er.......i just wrote it, using stuff i found.
I had a big big notebook with lists of things i found and where!

From: KingKung | Posted: 1/6/00 6:36:02 PM | Moderate this message
Hmm... FF3/6j back in 1994.
Inspiration: the late Dr Gamewiz.
Reason: I was terribly depressed and suicidal and thought that writing mindlessly would salvage a life headed for disaster.

Have a nice day! O_O

- King Kung: sulking on the ''board''

From: stonedwal | Posted: 1/7/00 4:47:53 AM | Moderate this message
My first faq i wrote was for street fighter 2 special championship edition for the genesis back in 1993, when i was 10. i wrote it as a helper for a friend that was crap at the game so that i had some challenge. I've never released an faq here though (the sf2sce faq got 75% done then put away, i only found it the other day, my other faq was a 50% complete wcw/nwo revenge faq with every single move, i got a wwf wrestlemania 2000 create a wrestler walkthrough in progress look for it soon).
From: Deathgod | Posted: 1/8/00 10:14:20 PM | Moderate this message
Well, hopefully my first FAQ will be a Soul Calibur FAQ (sorry dingo, I know you don't like it :) on advanced techniques like guard cancels and 8-way run buffering. I submitted it a few days ago, and with any luck it should be up soon, though it's now about 5 times the size of what's going to be up initially.
I did this because I got bored one night. I'll probably also be making a Cervantes FAQ, because no one knows how to use him correctly.


From: Mmeeva | Posted: 1/9/00 8:14:40 PM | Moderate this message
My first FAQ was for Pokemon (and this was before it became the mega-fad it is today)

Date: October 15, 1998
Inspiration: There were barley any FAQs at the time (can you believe that ^_^), and the ones there were based upon a Japanese version, and were somewhat lacking in details.

From: Scott Ong | Posted: 2/7/00 2:16:53 AM | Moderate this message
Well, speaking of my first FAQ and I still currently playing it..
Brigandine: Legend of Forsena in 1999..

Scott Ong

From: gkomatsu | Posted: 2/7/00 3:19:56 AM | Moderate this message
I contributed to the original SFII FAQ if that's worth anything, but the first of my own was Art of Fighting, sometime back in 1992 I guess. Inspiration? none really. Nobody else wrote one so I just did it to fill a need. 
From: Epoetker | Posted: 2/8/00 5:17:52 PM | Moderate this message
My first was for Double Dragon 3, because i was REALLY PISSED OFF to hear EdTheMoogle ripping on that game which me and my friends had had so much fun with. So after an exemplary review(I overrated it just to make sure that people wouldn't pass this title over...they'll do that if the number rating is in the single digits...) I decided to make a FAQ for it too, remembering how hard it was. 
From: darkdragoon | Posted: 2/12/00 6:33:50 PM | Moderate this message
Game: Harvest Moon (Snes vers)
When: dunno
Why : i couldn't find a GOOD faq on the game anywhere and i just knew that i could do better than what other people had done

''If I was a fat zombie I would eat myself.''

From: Seiferoth | Posted: 2/13/00 7:45:36 PM | Moderate this message

First FAQ:---> FFVII LUckY sEvEnS 
When:---> Sometime early this year.
Why:---> I was the only one that knew that certain trick, so I decided to go ahead. Also, I knew the trick by heart, so I didn't have to do a lot of research and preperaton. It took me like 3 days to finish.

-The one and only.....Seiferoth.....
...The Reaper is always one step behind me...

From: brak2000 | Posted: 2/14/00 3:55:44 PM | Moderate this message
im a newbie
Posted my Chameleon Twist FAQ
On 2/11/2000
And Im NOT proud of the game (It didn't have any FAQs and It was one of the requests on the top 20 N64 request board.)
My Inspiration: Probably boredom (I guess) 
Nemesis - you also helped me to decide to, I had fun helping you with the Mario Party 2 guide :P
From: Kasket Darkfyre | Posted: 2/14/00 4:26:26 PM | Moderate this message
FF8 Card FAQ in September of last year. Just felt like doing one I guess.
-Life is a giant RPG, you live, you gain experience, you die, it's game over- DG ''Kasket''
From: Vilurum | Posted: 2/15/00 1:11:17 AM | Moderate this message
First FAQ: FF5 Walkthrough (secrets et al incorporated).

Published: I dunno, I only just submitted it to GameFAQs 10 minutes ago or so, guess I'll see whether or not it's quality enough in a few days (what's the usual time lapse?).

Written: Originally, sometime in summer/early fall '98, updated winter '98-'99, basically finished in March '99 (and stuck up on my homepage at that time), slightly revised - explanation of why I don't use the ''official Square names'' and such - and submitted on Valentine's Day 2000.

Inspiration: At the time, there weren't any decent FF5 walkthroughs at all, they were all of the generalized sort which indicated more or less what to do but not where to go to find this or that. And they also mostly used the Japanese names for things which, while admittedly showing impressive translation skills on the part of the author, didn't help much for those of us who wanted plain simple English.

And since there was a ROM patch long since out by that time, I figured I'd write up a nice detailed (*very* detailed, to the point where I probably insult the reader's intelligence actually) walkthrough, for my own reference so I wouldn't have to wander off in the wrong direction and deal with so many of the umpteen random battles, just to collect all the treasure. And also so I wouldn't miss any Blue magic spells.

So I wrote it up, and promptly stuck it on my middle-of-nowhere webpage which nobody had a link to. :P So finally a year later I got around to cleaning it up a bit and submitting it here where at least it would be looked over and evaluated by one person, even if it didn't make the cut.

*end sob story of the forlorn and unloved walkthrough*

Anyway, that's mine. Now I'm just waiting, having knowingly committed the cardinal sin of daring to submit a walkthrough for a Final Fantasy game. :)

From: Xjph | Posted: 2/17/00 5:46:27 PM | Moderate this message
My first (and only) is my Metal Warriors Versus Mode Guide. I wanted to do it because ever since that fateful day when I first rented it a Blockbuster, I've loved the game. I was good enough at it to beat all of my friends and decided to type up everything I'd figured out into my guide so maybe I could have a better challenge. Then, after about a year and a half and two revisions, I decided to post it.

- Xjph -
([email protected])

From: Dingo Jellybean | Posted: 2/18/00 7:54:57 AM | Moderate this message
Wow, I didn't think Mr.Ong would reply, master of the FF8 guides. Cool! But that's great guys, I thought this topic was gone. And I'm going to check out your FF5 FAQ Virilum, I'll bet it'll be one of a kind!
''If your out-numbered, at least have the nerve to count.''-Dingo Jellybean
From: Gino C | Posted: 2/19/00 10:58:57 PM | Moderate this message
Very first FAQ? Xenogears FAQ/Walkthrough.

Inspiration? Kao Megura (yes, the FF7 walkthroughs... gotta love `em...) and all those great authors (all hail Dingo...)

Why'd I do it? There weren't enough decent walkthroughs in Xenogears at that time, so I made one. Up to now, it's still not done... ^_^

-- G --

From: lance | Posted: 2/24/00 6:48:30 PM | Moderate this message
Inspiration? Kao Megura!

Also: DanCG, and CjayC.

From: DSimpson | Posted: 2/26/00 1:18:05 AM | Moderate this message
First FAQ: Legend of Zelda (NES)

Inspiration: I had found GameFAQs about a month before starting it, and just found all the information fascinating. Loved Marshmallow's work, as well as MetroidMoo. So, I felt like writing one myself, and needed one for a game I already knew, and didn't have a million guides for it. When I found Zelda with only two FAQs (and one of which is merely a small updated version of the other), I went for it!

Also, I read and used Scott Ong's Brigandine guide while playing that game. Great FAQ!

And Kao's FF7...

Erg Gibbon's Breath of Fire III...

All such wonderful wonderful stuff, that I could only hope to be half as good as!

From: Dingo Jellybean | Posted: 3/9/00 6:24:43 PM | Moderate this message
Hey guys, anymore? I'm really interested in more replies.
''The best way to slow down life is to move along with it.''-Dingo Jellybean
From: Vesther Fauransy | Posted: 3/9/00 11:08:14 PM | Moderate this message

My first FAQ was my Time Crisis FAQ (it's better known as the Time Crisis Problem-Solving Espionage Survival Kit). The reason I wrote this FAQ is because I don't want to see a lot of people waste a lot of time, money, and lives on this totally different game. My goal was to help people learn how to play Time Crisis properly.

I was inspired by a guy named Christopher Tan when I visited Christopher's site back in July 1997. Since then I wanted to provide text-based help mainly on prominent deluxe machines, which are the most expensive machines to play (namely Ferrari F355 Challenge). Ever since I have written so many FAQs for Deluxe Video Games, I have established myself as the disciple of Deluxe Video Games and a follower to expensive video arcade games.

Unfortunately, I didn't go public with GameFAQs until November of 1997, when I decided to have my Super GT (Scud Race) Driver's Manual (Super GT FAQ) posted at GameFAQs for the first time in the site's history. Super GT is also the first FAQ that I have posted with GameFAQs. Please note that my Time Crisis FAQ was NOT the first FAQ that I have posted at GameFAQs.

Mark Kim (Vesther Fauransy the Sniper)

From: WLau | Posted: 3/10/00 10:33:48 PM | Moderate this message
My first ''official'' FAQ was Deathlord submitted on March 13, 1999. The first ''unofficial'' FAQ was a small Prince of Persia 2 cheat sheet I typed up for my own purposes sometime in 1996. The inspiration to begin FAQ writing was from Kao Megura's FF7 FAQ. The inspiration to write a Deathlord FAQ was from my decision to dedicate an entire website around the game.
From: Megnetto | Posted: 3/11/00 2:37:55 PM | Moderate this message
My first FAQ was for Sega Saturn's Center Ring Boxing. I saw the combos moves on Tips and Tricks in certain websites, but they were inncorrect and incomplete. I started to write a document on it. Then I expanded it by adding other stuff to it (it is on it 3rd version already). It was a great experence and I will continue to make more in the near future (only for the Saturn because that is the only console I got).

Magnetto, the classic gamer

From: bruplex | Posted: 3/11/00 5:53:19 PM | Moderate this message
I'll assume you mean on this site, as I had written some a while back here--
My Ghosts N' Goblins guide was the first here; I wanted to break this game down to prove that YES it CAN be beaten, with a few tricks. Also, no one else had made one--- 
Getting killed is a TOS violation...(ArmorKing)
From: Dingo Jellybean | Posted: 3/26/00 10:21:32 AM | Moderate this message
Sorry CJC, as much as I hate to do this, yes I admit it, I'm trying to keep this post from dying off. But there is just a whole bunch of information, I hate to see it go to waste. Sorry.
''The words of wisdom are those in which advances you from it.''-Dingo Jellybean
From: Yee Seng Fu | Posted: 3/26/00 10:42:59 AM | Moderate this message
I guess my first faq was inspired by Henry Chan's Tactics Orge faq. So, i wrote Brave Fencer Musashi faq as my first faq. It was somewhere in september' 1998.
From ysf
From: Dingo Jellybean | Posted: 4/9/00 10:19:29 AM | Moderate this message
Again, I hate to do this but I don't want all this information to just die off. Thanks for your replies guys.
''Someone who does not stand for anything falls for everything.''-Anonymous
From: dyse | Posted: 4/9/00 12:26:20 PM | Moderate this message
My first FAQ was a charcter guide for Val Venis on Smackdown! It was around March 26. My first and only walkthrough was for Eartworm Jim 2 April 6
~Dy$e~ ''The Dark Horse of the Reviewerati''
The most eletricfying man in Nintendo Entertainment
From: SMcFadden | Posted: 4/9/00 12:50:59 PM | Moderate this message
my first faq, and so far only real walkthorugh, was for nes dragon warrior, and was posted around august of last year
Steve ''300 Reviews'' McFadden
And that's the bottom line because Stone Cold Steve McFadden said so!
From: croco64 | Posted: 4/9/00 1:36:08 PM | Moderate this message
First FAQ: Harvest Moon 64
Date: 1/11/2000
Inspiration: I used to write stuff on my website but failed to realize that nobody ever visited it. After a while, I thought ''hey, maybe I could make one here and people would actually read it and maybe even say 'good job'''. Marshmallow also inspired me.
From: Brother Reed | Posted: 4/9/00 1:38:31 PM | Moderate this message

My first FAQ/walkthrough was, I think, a success because I had NO experience in writing whatsoever, and it came out pretty well.

Game: Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

Original Release Date: 3/3/00
At the time, it was only about 82K, and Argonaut's was larger, but now it's over 130 K, and I've gotten a fair amount of e-mail about it.

Inspiration: I came to this site to get help with that very game, and found that none of the pre-existing FAQs on the subject had sufficient walkthroughs to get me where I wanted to go, so when I got better I decided to write my own, just to help people out.

''Nice job, Skywalker. I'm beginning to see why they say you're the best.''
-Kasan Moor

From: shark404 | Posted: 4/9/00 5:48:39 PM | Moderate this message
FirstFAQ: Game and watch Gallery 3
Date: 2/12/00 or somtime around there
Inspiration: The game
From: Vegita | Posted: 4/10/00 1:38:28 AM | Moderate this message
Ok, I'm going to throw in my 2 cents here...

My first FAQ was for Dragon Ball Z: Legend of the Super Saiya-Jin, for the Super Famicom. I wrote it over 4 years ago for my website. In fact, it was the reason I decided to create a website entirely.

My inspiration was simple. I had seen the previous FAQs and walkthroughs, and I found them to be incomplete and lacking of any feeling at all. It was like the person who had written them decided that they were just going to do the job, and get it over with. No fun or anything!

With that, I wrote the walkthrough from the perspective of Vegita, a prominent Dragon Ball character (and villain for the majority of the very game I/he was working on!). From there, I've been slowly updating the site, although frequent server problems have prevented me from achieving my ultimate goal with it.

The first FAQ I actually submitted to GameFAQs was for DBZ: Hyper Dimension. As for the Legend FAQ, I finally got around to submitting it about a month ago. Talk about beating around the bush, huh?
~Reverend Vegita, Guardian Of Destiny
Sometimes I sleep. Sometimes it's dark.

From: perfect | Posted: 4/10/00 2:10:00 AM | Moderate this message
First FAQ: Sonic Adventure (I must say that it is the best among my other FAQs).
Date: Forgot.
Inspiration: Chris Kohler who made the other Sonic Adventure FAQ.
''I've gotta stop him fast!'' - Quote from Sonic Adventure - Sonic 
From: Yee Seng Fu | Posted: 4/10/00 7:14:31 AM | Moderate this message
My first faq was Brave Fencer Musashi, written somewhere on September 1998. I was inspired by Henry Chan's Tactics Orge faq so i decided to write one my own.
From ysf
From: SimuLord | Posted: 4/10/00 11:45:35 AM | Moderate this message
First FAQ: Railroad Tycoon II (PC/PlayStation)
Date: March 21, 2000
Inspiration: I came on GameFAQs.com looking for a FAQ for the abovementioned game, and upon not finding one decided to write one of my own! I'm working on an update for it as we speak but it's been buried underneath my ongoing EA Sports research.
Dennis ''Ensign of the FAQerati'' Doucette
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From: Yee Seng Fu | Posted: 4/11/00 6:55:11 AM | Moderate this message
Simulord.. Sure, i welcome you to gamefaqs and be part of the contributor.
From ysf
From: Ryuji Yamazaki | Posted: 4/12/00 8:25:55 AM | Moderate this message
Might as well throw my hat in the ring... :)

The first FAQ I submitted here was my WCW/nWo Revenge Move Stealing FAQ. Don't remember the exact date, but I know it was over a year ago. :) I wrote it because (as it says in the FAQ) sometimes you get a different move instead of that guy's Special when you steal from him, and I wanted to list all the different ones. My inspiration was basically authors of FAQs that'd helped me before - I wanted to write something I felt would help others.

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From: DaMan | Posted: 4/12/00 12:39:56 PM | Moderate this message
*Stumbles upon topic*

Hmmmm.. My first FAQ was...

FAQ-Mike Tyson's Punch Out (NES)
Posted- 8/29/1999
Created-Sometime in June of 1999, I think...
Inspiration-Outkast(or-''The Crippler'') with his great FAQ.

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From: Sephirstein | Posted: 4/12/00 9:36:37 PM | Moderate this message
My first, and most likely only, FAQ is a Shining Force 1 Guide as I found the information available incomplete, unpolished and with occassional errors. I basically wrote all the major sections myself and used (with permission) minor sections with from Moogie and Sir Fil's Shining Force Guide and from Col. G. L. Sicherman's strategy guide. I polised them up and corrected some errors. Everything is original content unless I say otherwise.

My inspirations...

Kao Megura for his depth and quality, his formatting, and his unbelieveable disclaimer.

Moogie for her knowledge of the Shining Force series and for all that she does to keep the fledgeling SF community alive despite having a job and a busy all-around life.

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From: Yee Seng Fu | Posted: 4/13/00 6:46:30 AM | Moderate this message
Yay.. more faq writers to contribute to the site...
From ysf
From: Yee Seng Fu | Posted: 4/15/00 2:56:28 AM | Moderate this message
One more score for Dingo.. This topic reaches 70 messages, the highest in this entire board. Oh, what am i doing? Ignore what i said earlier...
From ysf
From: FAQ GOD | Posted: 4/15/00 8:18:53 AM | Moderate this message
Hi, my gamefaqs name is Karl Jobst(or KJobst).

My first FAQ was a Goldeneye health FAQ. MAN, it was pretty crap. But now i've got two goldeneye FAQs that are a good size each, but both are only a third finished.

My inspiration was Ian Rogers. He posted my OO agent times, and i loved being in a FAQ. Then, i found out that he was 14, as am I. This gave me the inspo to write my first FAQ. I wrote it because i loved being in Ian's FAQ, but i wanted to have it all.

Now i write both FAQs and reviews. Being a FAQ writer is pretty sweet.
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From: Yee Seng Fu | Posted: 4/15/00 7:52:57 PM | Moderate this message
Writing faq is pretty sweet... I think it's challenge. Hmm... hope to see more contributions from you.
From ysf
From: Dingo Jellybean | Posted: 4/16/00 3:06:00 PM | Moderate this message
Yeah, FAQ writing is pretty sweet. However, there will be some points where you find it boring, but yet you still want to go on. That's usually how I feel, mainly for games that were fun to do at first then got boring later.
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From: Yee Seng Fu | Posted: 4/17/00 7:58:36 AM | Moderate this message
I guess it's mainly responsible that you don't want to stop writing. Once i start writing a new faq, i tell myself that i have to finish it, no matter what. I just can't leave things halfway undone.
From ysf
From: Dingo Jellybean | Posted: 4/30/00 3:36:29 PM | Moderate this message
Yes, I am keeping this topic alive. But hey its the oldest existing topic on the MBs current database! Soon it'll be a record 5 months old!
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From: Yee Seng Fu | Posted: 4/30/00 8:02:38 PM | Moderate this message
Reviving this topic.. go ahead. Anymore new faq writers wish to share your experiences?
From ysf
From: Nemesis | Posted: 4/30/00 8:08:54 PM | Moderate this message
Not really new, but here's mine:

First FAQ: Sega Rally 2 (Import DC)
When: 11/22/99

I decided to write a FAQ for SR2 because I already beat it, and knew a lot about it, so I just wrote one. My main influence was CChan (at the time), if you know who that is.

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From: Renick | Posted: 5/1/00 6:45:20 AM | Moderate this message
My first FAQ was a TTT Ogre FAQ, it started out as a piece of junk first, but I've revamped it to a much better guide. Later I started out writing a walkthrough for Tenchu, and I obviously I'm not good as a walkthrough writer, so I'll do fighting games only from now on, or at least arcade games only. I'm not a console kinda guy.

Yo Dingo, how's the comic collecting holding off......


My humble work:


From: Renick | Posted: 5/1/00 7:10:00 AM | Moderate this message
Holy guacamole, I forgot I already posted here once, am I dumb or what...?

Sheesh, this is the first time I ever made such a lame mistake. Oh, well at least I've kept the darn topic alive :)

From: Yee Seng Fu | Posted: 5/1/00 7:26:33 AM | Moderate this message
Doesn't matter if you have posted a message here more than one. Plus my message and it hits 80 messages.
From ysf
From: Dingo Jellybean | Posted: 5/1/00 7:54:04 PM | Moderate this message
Hey Renick, you missed a real good comicbook conversation between me, Wally, and ArmorKing a few weeks back. *sobs* Old memories. And the comicbook collection is going fine!

Yep, I know EXACTLY who CChan is, I remember seeing his work quite often around the site.
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From: Yee Seng Fu | Posted: 5/2/00 9:12:21 AM | Moderate this message
Nothing much... Just helping this topic to hit 82 messages.
From ysf
From: DSimpson | Posted: 5/2/00 11:24:11 PM | Moderate this message
I thought of something else to add here...

Well back in the NES hayday, me and my best friend (or I suppose I could use the grammatically correct term, my best friend and I) decided that we would take on Ninendo Power, and create our own little magazine of walkthroughs. I must have been 9 or 10 at the time (can't really remember).

My assignment at the time was to do a Metal Gear Walkthrough, while he did a Contra Guide.

So I guess those were my first FAQs, when you think about it (even if they weren't FAQs at all). I wonder what ever happened to those...

Maybe I was just fated to write FAQs... ;)

Dan Simpson
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From: Yee Seng Fu | Posted: 5/3/00 4:34:36 AM | Moderate this message
Hmm.. the topic hits 84 now.
From ysf
From: Mr McGirl | Posted: 5/8/00 10:19:04 AM | Moderate this message
85 now
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From: dyse | Posted: 5/8/00 12:23:47 PM | Moderate this message
This topic is mega older, than my user name I think I didn't even know about the message boards when this topic existed, I have been here for 2 years though. This topic will not die 
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From: Epoetker | Posted: 5/8/00 1:33:55 PM | Moderate this message
Old Topic good! I figured it would be this one!
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From: AnotherGamer | Posted: 5/8/00 4:06:23 PM | Moderate this message
My first FAQ is the Soul Blade Weapons FAQ. My inspiration for it was...hmm, I guess I just loved that game back then and had a urge to tell people how ''this weapon kicks ass, look at its stats, doesn't it rule or what?!''. Or something.
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From: Yee Seng Fu | Posted: 5/9/00 9:58:26 AM | Moderate this message
Hmm... the neverending topic or the immortal topic...? How about that? Anyway, just helping it to hit 89 messages. Will it be the first topic ever to reach 100 messages in the faq board? We will just have to wait and see how.
From ysf
From: Yee Seng Fu | Posted: 5/11/00 7:54:53 AM | Moderate this message
Just trying to help it to hit 90 messages.
From ysf
From: Annex | Posted: 5/12/00 3:29:50 PM | Moderate this message
Wow, this topic has 91 messages!
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From: Yee Seng Fu | Posted: 5/12/00 11:08:26 PM | Moderate this message
Do you think we should increase the no of messages here to 100???
From ysf
From: Nemesis | Posted: 5/12/00 11:09:52 PM | Moderate this message

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From: Nemesis | Posted: 5/12/00 11:11:23 PM | Moderate this message
I think this is number 94.

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From: Annex | Posted: 5/13/00 3:31:01 AM | Moderate this message
This has been going for a very long time now...No. 95!
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From: turnor26 | Posted: 5/13/00 4:51:19 AM | Moderate this message
FAQ:Colony War 3-Red Sun My only one(so far)
Inspiration:I had nothing to do 2 weekends ago so i start doing a faq i on the game on was renting.I now have my own copy of the game

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From: Nemesis | Posted: 5/13/00 1:11:37 PM | Moderate this message
700th post!

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From: Nemesis | Posted: 5/13/00 2:37:22 PM | Moderate this message
98th post. Almost to the big 100...

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From: Annex | Posted: 5/13/00 3:11:34 PM | Moderate this message
Ooohh..so close, No. 99..let's let Dingo get No. 100.
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From: Spade | Posted: 5/13/00 4:18:41 PM | Moderate this message
Never written a FAQ maybe one day I will! I'll take post 100!
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