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"DeCEmation" hackings - 7th December 2008
Over 125 user accounts are 'hacked' into, and suicided on POTD, CE and Hellhole.
Archived Pages: Submitted by Roaddhogg
12/7/08 - TRC denies he had any involvement in the 'hackings'.
12/7/08 - A hacked account creates a Deuce appreciation topic.
12/7/08 - Account security and you: How all GameFAQs accounts are 'hacked'.
12/7/08 - An innocent topic on Hellhole is hijacked and used to auto-suspend 'hacked' accounts in. Pages: {2}
12/7/08 - Another Hellhole topic is used to launch a spate of auto-suspensions. Pages: {2} {3} {4}
12/7/08 - A user fears for the safety of moderator accounts.
12/7/08 - TRC eventually admits his involvement in DeCEmation.
12/7/08 - "SBAllen, sire, the users... they're being hacked!"
12/7/08 - An act of GameFAQs terrorism!
12/7/08 - SpeeDDemon has his main and countless alt accounts suicided on PoTD'. Pages: {Explanation}
12/7/08 - A couple of Ancient accounts are suicided on CE. Pages: {2}
12/7/08 - CE, hold your ground against Endless Doom!
12/7/08 - The rampage continues in a new topic on Hellhole.
12/7/08 - Um, what just happened?
12/7/08 - The aftermath. Pages: {CE} {PoTD}
12/7/08 - TRC did it? CE seems to think so...
12/7/08 - A user pretends to have been hacked and subsequently loses his account.
12/7/08 - TRC is black?!
12/7/08 - A topic discussing the 'hacking' of judasmaiden, a CE regular.
12/7/08 - A number of users are usermap-axed in the aftermath of the 'hackings'. Pages: {2}
12/7/08 - TRC provides an insight into why the 'hackings' occurred.
12/7/08 - Burgess loses his patience at a user's wording of the account thefts.
12/7/08 - GameFAQs reaction the following day. Pages: {2}
12/7/08 - An interesting theory regarding how to prevent being hacked.
12/7/08 - An unofficial list of 'casualties'.
12/7/08 - The 'KoS Krew' make an announcement on CE to mark the beginning of the rampage.
12/7/08 - A user foolishly logs into a jacked account and is subsequently axed.
12/7/08 - Burgess is as ever, the man in the know.
12/7/08 - A user provides extremely helpful advice to SBAllen about the 'hackings'!
12/7/08 - PoTD in the middle of the rampage.