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Final Fantasy XII

Reminder: Leaked Game = Illegal Game

Crono LV99 | Posted 10/2/2006 11:15:55 PM | message detail
Like we've done for other games that have been "acquired" earlier than scheduled, GameFAQs does not permit discussion regarding leaked games. So everyone is aware:

Providing any hint on how to find a leaked copy, or offering instructions via IM, e-mail, or through any means = Suspension.

Asking where to get the game (including not-so-obvious hints that you want it) = warn/suspend depending on persistence.

Bragging about playing the leaked copy, or simply discussing the gameplay of the leaked copy, whether it is one you got or "your friend's copy" = warn.

Admitting to acquiring it, even something as simple as, "I'm downloading it now" = warn.

In cases where it is questionably legal or not, moderators will likely act on the side of caution and delete it, so the absolute safest way to not get in trouble is simply not to discuss the leaked copy at all. Also keep in mind that if you continue with a different account after one is suspended/warned, you run the risk of losing all accounts you have here.

These guidelines apply to all boards on the site regarding this game, including social boards, so if you see this discussion happening elsewhere on GameFAQs, feel free to mark it. Should you have questions or need clarification on anything, Message Board Help (board 2) is the best place to ask. Discussing it here would be considered off-topic. Thanks,

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