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GameFAQs Spinoffs Archive: It was inevitable; the GFA has its own first official spinoff - the GameFAQs Spinoffs Archive. This project will primarily be administrated by miikrr, with myself helping to process the queue but having little to do with adding new files. If you have any files from GameFAQs' numerous spinoffs you'd like to submit, please do so on the Spinoffs Archive in the same manner you do here: the user databases are merged, so there is no need to register an additional account. (8/15)

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During this time ModernBill automatically sent a command to cPanel to terminate a web hosting package for non-payment. However, cPanel didnít properly remove all subdomains which created a problem in the apache configuration file. Thus apache was not able to restart after the removal of the web hosting package. To fix this issue we repaired the apache configuration file and restarted apache. We apologize for any downtime.

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12/29/01 - Another instance where a plagiarist rips off Devin's Super Smash Brothers: Melee FAQ, 2 weeks after the previous one too... - Devin Morgan
12/28/01 - AEtherSPOON's rant on AOL. - Color Gray
12/23/01 - The Legend of CJayC, by a RI poster [TXT] - Anonymous
12/23/01 - A classic Bonaventure post [TXT] - Anonymous
12/17/01 - Wouldn't you just love to have a mother like this user's? Pages: {2} {3} {4} {5} {6} {7} - Color Gray
12/11/01 - Pikmin Challenge Mode scores topic - RockMFR 5
12/10/01 - Devin Morgan's Super Smash Bros. Melee FAQ is plagiarised by CWilley, who is caught on-site, and his stolen guide later removed by an admin. Pages: {FCB Page 2} {SSBM Page 1} {SSBM Page 2} - Devin Morgan
12/5/01 - An RPG quotes topic, which eventually reached 501 posts. (non-GameFAQs stylesheet) [TXT] - mysterygilgamesh4
12/3/01 - Secret of Evermore glitches topic. Pages: {2} - OzNarcissus
11/28/01 - A book recommendations topic. [TXT] - Fallen Tabris
11/26/01 - A DDR topic in which CJayC makes a rare appearence. [TXT] - Fallen Tabris
11/24/01 - A question about Windows 98 disk space is answered. - Color Gray
11/17/01 - A LUE user popularity poll [TXT] - Anonymous
11/16/01 - The first fifty users in a Dais rating topic [TXT] - Anonymous
11/12/01 - Another of Dais' rating topics. [TXT] - Fallen Tabris
11/12/01 - HTML version of Dais' ratings. - Color Gray
11/7/01 - CJayC celebrates GameFAQs message boards' second anniversary with a 10% Karma boost. - wizardman
11/2/01 - Topic discussing when in your life you felt the most physical pain. [TXT] - Fallen Tabris
10/31/01 - A topic about glasses... [TXT] - Fallen Tabris
10/31/01 - BIOS errors suck. - Color Gray
10/27/01 - A discussion about condescending, snobby Progresso soup commercials. [TXT] - Fallen Tabris
10/27/01 - A person claims to have thought up the idea for Kinetica. - Special Ed
10/25/01 - "If CJayC are start swearing in all post, what happen?" by The Chow. Too strange for words. - Color Gray
10/25/01 - Alterwolf, AEtherSPOON, and Fencedude debate Windows XP. - Color Gray
10/21/01 - Welcome, to the twisted realm of the American psycho. - Anonymous
10/20/01 - Typing error in a board's name is open for discussion. - Anonymous
10/19/01 - A censor bypass from Polemos on LUE, never moderated - Anonymous
10/19/01 - Spoon is suspended shortly after becoming a moderator, and Nemesis gives CJayC his first modded message. - Anonymous
10/18/01 - ibinsane creates a joke topic, stating that he will be leaving "Oshidashi Zintrick", an otherwise empty board. - Anonymous
10/17/01 - Yoda316 posts transcripts of classic Monty Python sketches. - Color Gray
10/14/01 - A poll where GameFAQs users tell which people from the site they would like to meet in real life. Pages: {2} - Color Gray
10/10/01 - Topic on the 3D Pool board, which became one of the longest-running topics on GameFAQs. Pages: {2} {3} {4} {5} {6} {7} {8} {9} {10} - Apples
10/9/01 - Topic discussing computer lab practical jokes. - Color Gray
10/6/01 - Someone needs partitioning help. - Color Gray
10/5/01 - CE users prank call each other. Pages: {2} {3} - Color Gray
10/4/01 - AEtherSPOON's "Windows XP- a gamer's POV" topic. - Color Gray
10/3/01 - Alterwolf and Dais discuss Wonder Project J. - Color Gray
10/2/01 - Dopple defends Windows ME on the MS-DOS/Windows board. - Color Gray
10/2/01 - Hell and Back Random Insanity RPG. Pages: {2} {3} {4} {5} {6} {7} {8} {9} {10} - Man5iac
9/28/01 - wallywest80's DVD list. - Color Gray
9/28/01 - No topic; just a link... - darkangel76
9/27/01 - Bacon's keepin da Karma flowin... Pages: {2} {3} - Anonymous
9/26/01 - A three-year-old Patamon topic is flooded by dratsby. Pages: {2} {3} {4} {5} {6} {7} {8} {9} {10} - Space Medafighter X
9/21/01 - A random paragon topic that happened to contain the giant "LOL" ASCII picture. - Color Gray
9/19/01 - "I'm in a ____ mood" fad. - ArchO
9/16/01 - Greek Wog plugs image editing program The Gimp on CE. - Color Gray
9/15/01 - Steve's "GameFAQs Signature Pro Ver 1.0" - Color Gray
9/11/01 - CJayC makes an announcement shorly after the 9/11 attacks. - ColdFusion
9/11/01 - The profile of Syphon Filter Man, who was rumoured to have been killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, though this has not been in any way confirmed. - Unknown
9/11/01 - A race for the User ID 200,000 is abruptly ended when CJayC manually deletes accounts with IDs several digits either side. - ColdFusion
9/11/01 - Current Events shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attack - ColdFusion
9/8/01 - Some classic arguments over what the name of the board should be, and the origin of Smed. - Anonymous
9/7/01 - War Zone. - Anonymous
9/2/01 - CVagts is pissed at Yahoo!, and people recommend better free webspace. - Color Gray
9/2/01 - Tanks, but no tanks. - Anonymous
8/31/01 - AEtherSPOON searches for free webspace. - Color Gray
8/30/01 - pastaman44 pays homage to Pac-Man. - Anonymous
8/29/01 - *bounces ball off the wall* - Anonymous
8/28/01 - AEtherSPOON has a few triple-booting questions. - Color Gray
8/27/01 - The webcomic test. - Color Gray
8/24/01 - An old Current Events topic list. - mkn
8/22/01 - Debate about firearms on LUE. - Color Gray
8/19/01 - miffo tells about the secret "volcano" Screen Saver. - Color Gray
8/18/01 - You're all going down! - Anonymous
8/17/01 - CJayC visits a secret board that haven't been behaving themselves. - Doodleheimer
8/10/01 - Why computers crash, in the style of Dr. Seuss. - Color Gray
8/10/01 - Information on buying a NIC (Network Interface Card). - Color Gray
8/3/01 - Have you ever seen a Salmon run before? - Anonymous
8/1/01 - A user asks for help in running DOS. - Color Gray
7/30/01 - Dominus talks about the Tree of Evil. [TXT] - Fallen Tabris
7/30/01 - PaperThick's DVD list. - Color Gray
7/30/01 - Nemesis' DVD list. Again, other people posted theirs. - Color Gray
7/26/01 - CE topic containing a number of jokes both good and bad... - Color Gray
7/25/01 - A user asks for help with Javascript. - Color Gray
7/23/01 - Which GameFAQs users would you never want to see cross-breed? - Devin Austra
7/22/01 - A CE topic about Trillian. - Color Gray
7/20/01 - madrox asks how to protect the HTML source code of his webpages. - Color Gray
7/14/01 - Null Daemon lists the many UNIX variants. Pages: {2} - Color Gray
7/6/01 - Alucard gets first-posted by...CJayC?! - Color Gray
7/6/01 - The GameFAQs Foreign Exchange for the Culturally Deprived - Ladyhawke
7/5/01 - ConfusedY2J wonders if his PC133 RAM is running at PC100 on the MS-DOS/Windows board. - Color Gray
7/5/01 - eightball01 has problems booting. Null Daemon gives him a hand, and answers some Linux questions. - Color Gray
7/5/01 - Shadotak creates a topic; mocking a petition created by GregNorc. Pages: {Original} - Anonymous
7/5/01 - Shadotak's grammar is corrected, in a topic regarding the origins of her alias. - Anonymous
7/3/01 - Castle Quick's Amusement Park - ArchO
7/2/01 - An old Moderator Discussion shot from Fantasy Man's account. [Authorised for archive by GameFAQs Administrative Staff] - ColdFusion
7/1/01 - A CE topic where CJayC decided to be a little playful. Pages: {2} {3} - Color Gray
7/1/01 - Enygmatic frets over being stuck in the game Interactive Fiction. - Color Gray
6/26/01 - A topic from the Questions and Suggestions board where various moderators shared their opinions on being mods. Pages: {2} {3} {4} - Color Gray
6/13/01 - The infamous "nads" typo. Pages: {2} - Color Gray
6/6/01 - The (formerly) oldest topic on GameFAQs. Pages: {2} {3} {4} {5} {6} {7} {8} {9} {10} - Repus_Yortsed
6/5/01 - How to connect a Super Nintendo to a computer. - Color Gray
5/23/01 - CJayC comments on the Censor Bypass TOS rule. [Note his signature!] Pages: {2} - Ladyhawke
5/10/01 - Yet another MS-DOS/Windows topic. This one's about monitor refresh rates. - Color Gray
5/1/01 - The Poopie List. As Paul says in the topic, "I wish I was mature enough to not laugh at that." - Color Gray
4/28/01 - An MS-DOS/Windows topic about installing a new processor. - Color Gray
4/11/01 - The flowerpot Manifesto. - Color Gray
4/11/01 - Positively Posterior's moderator application. Classic. - Color Gray
4/10/01 - Humourous topic involving a user asking for "help" with completing his homework. - Color Gray
4/3/01 - Another MS-DOS/Windows board topic, this time on why scandisk always starts over. - Color Gray
4/2/01 - A user on the MS-DOS/Windows board asks how to bring back deleted files. - Color Gray
3/31/01 - Topic discussing a cannabalism website. - ArchO
3/30/01 - Cat House Blues. Pages: {2} - Anonymous
3/28/01 - Igtenos wonders why his 56k modem doesn't run at 56k. Quite an informative topic, complete with TerranRedneck. - Color Gray
3/26/01 - "The World According to Student Bloopers", posted on CE. - Color Gray
3/26/01 - Discussion of a new Tupac album. - ColdFusion
3/26/01 - An older, somewhat more sensible LUE topic list. - ColdFusion
3/20/01 - Introuduction to Programming: does anyone use this board? - Anonymous
3/12/01 - "The Handy Dandy... Pandy... Emoticon Dictionary!" Courtesy of Random Insanity, of course. - Color Gray
3/6/01 - An old topic on the bomberman 64 board, recently flooded to 500. Pages: {2} {3} {4} {5} {6} {7} {8} {9} {10} - Roaddhogg
2/28/01 - CJayC argues with McFadden about GameFAQs in #contributors in the old GF Chat server. [TXT] - Jerec
2/13/01 - A topic on the FAQ Contributors board where several FAQ writers gave tips on guide writing. - Color Gray
2/3/01 - Dopple explains how to remove the ads from Morpheus. - Color Gray
1/9/01 - It's the power of Mr. T! Pages: {2} {3} {4} {5} {6} {7} {8} {9} {10} - Roaddhogg
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