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Hello, and welcome to the GameFAQs Archive. This site was inspired by ColdFusion's now defunct 'Nostalgia Project', and was originally created by Chris "Roaddhogg" Mawson in March 2003. The GFA was established with the intention of being a comprehensive repository of interesting topics, landmarks, user pages and events from the history of the GameFAQs message boards, primarily to give users an insight into how they have evolved since their inception in 1999. Special thanks go to Insder, Joycey, yarjar, Luigi and Tails, and Raijin for their administrative support and assistance in the past.

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N.B. The GFA and associated projects have been on hiatus since August 2007. Details on the future of the site to be announced in the new year.

Short Break: Just a heads-up that I'm taking a few days off from GFA-related "work" this week, having updated the site every day in the past month. I'm also going to be on vacation between the 28th and 31st; I aim to fully zero the queues before I leave. (8/21)

GameFAQs Spinoffs Archive: It was inevitable; the GFA has its own first official spinoff - the GameFAQs Spinoffs Archive. This project will primarily be administrated by miikrr, with myself helping to process the queue but having little to do with adding new files. If you have any files from GameFAQs' numerous spinoffs you'd like to submit, please do so on the Spinoffs Archive in the same manner you do here: the user databases are merged, so there is no need to register an additional account. (8/15)

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There was a twenty four hour downtime between 2:00 A.M. (GMT) to 2:00 A.M. (GMT) on August 11, 2007 and August 12, 2007.

During this time ModernBill automatically sent a command to cPanel to terminate a web hosting package for non-payment. However, cPanel didnít properly remove all subdomains which created a problem in the apache configuration file. Thus apache was not able to restart after the removal of the web hosting package. To fix this issue we repaired the apache configuration file and restarted apache. We apologize for any downtime.

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12/15/00 - Another old board list screenshot - ArchO
12/10/00 - Disruptive topic title! - pepper2000
12/4/00 - A user on LUE apparantely has discovered a third nipple... - pepper2000
11/30/00 - CJayC comments on a rather shortlived fad. - pepper2000
11/26/00 - Regarding the Florida re-election controversy - pepper2000
11/26/00 - Minor CGI Changes and Additions are announced. - pepper2000
11/21/00 - pepper2000 complaining about alternate accounts - pepper2000
11/20/00 - CE 'fads' topic. - pepper2000
11/18/00 - blue321 is happy! - pepper2000
11/17/00 - JadeKnight praises FFIX on CE. - pepper2000
11/7/00 - Famous topic on the NiGHTS board, which became one of the longest-surviving GameFAQs topics. Pages: {2} {3} {4} {5} {6} {7} - Roaddhogg
10/22/00 - Vayate is glad that AcidHolly got banned again. - pepper2000
10/18/00 - Another Playstation topic list. - Roaddhogg
10/17/00 - Letter "H" in the user-created GameFAQs glossary - pepper2000
10/16/00 - An old topic on the VIC-20 system board, by MI4 REAL. - Roaddhogg
10/9/00 - chaos knight reflects on the first year of the message boards' existence. - miikrr
10/8/00 - Celestial Avenger complaining about a moderation - pepper2000
9/30/00 - **rides in on TeaRel** - pepper2000
9/23/00 - Fekkot's controversial review critiques. - KingBroccoli
9/22/00 - CJayC finally fixes that freaking toilet. - Space Ace
9/19/00 - Mastication, not masturbation >_< - frankblack
9/14/00 - LUE Genetic Engineering discussion topic - pepper2000
9/11/00 - Sailor Bacon is pissed off about... something. - miikrr
9/6/00 - My first period teaher has a current events board! - ArchO
9/6/00 - A look at an old RPG: Role-playing Games topic list - ArchO
9/6/00 - A look at an old FAQ Contributors topic list - ArchO
9/2/00 - CJayC announces changes made to the Contributor Recognition pages. - ArchO
8/22/00 - Random Insanity and CE board wars discussion. - Space Ace
8/22/00 - Further CE/RI board wars discussion. - miikrr
8/15/00 - FF III character names topic. - Roaddhogg
8/15/00 - The GameFAQs Feedback FAQ. - Roaddhogg
8/14/00 - The GameFAQs Nightly Pub. - miikrr
8/13/00 - A look at an old Questions and Suggestions topic list. - ArchO
8/13/00 - A look at an old Review Contributors topic list. - ArchO
8/13/00 - A look at an old Fighting Games topic list. - ArchO
8/11/00 - A GameFAQs Convention? - darkangel76
8/10/00 - CyricZ's Amazing Colossal Perfect Dark Quiz #2. - ArchO
8/10/00 - Nice to meet you Dr. Wrinkly-Drawers. - Space Ace
8/10/00 - An old Nintendo 64 general topic list - ArchO
8/10/00 - Old GameFAQs board list, notice the chat link. - ArchO
8/9/00 - An old Perfect Dark message list. - ArchO
8/1/00 - Diamond Cut's demands. - miikrr
7/31/00 - madrox asks for help in Michael Jackson's Moonwalker for the Genesis... - Space Ace
7/30/00 - Random CE joke topic. - Space Ace
7/27/00 - Dais is so misunderstood :( - Space Ace
7/25/00 - Discussion of a banner ad seen on GameFAQs. - miikrr
7/24/00 - An interesting discussion about... "cat toots" - Space Ace
7/24/00 - GameFAQs "suffers" its first Denial of Service attack - Space Ace
7/23/00 - Elvis is dead! - frankblack
7/23/00 - The Official GameFAQs Nightly First Post Contest and Poll 7/23 - Space Ace
7/15/00 - An early "secret" board - ColdFusion
6/10/00 - "Ask Diamond Cut" topic. - ColdFusion
5/20/00 - Contributor Recognition Page. - Crazyreyn
5/14/00 - "Just a little nagging" topic on the Pokemon board. Pages: {2} {3} {4} {5} {6} {7} {8} - Deranged85
5/11/00 - Pokemon board topic list. - Roaddhogg
5/11/00 - A CE topic list. - Roaddhogg
5/10/00 - GameFAQs Message Boards FAQ Version 0.9 - Roaddhogg
5/9/00 - Action Adventure/Survival Horror topic list. - Roaddhogg
5/8/00 - Dingo Jellybean considers becoming an IGN affiliate - ArchO
4/30/00 - A topic on the Gran Turismo 2 board. - Roaddhogg
4/27/00 - Is the Pokemon craze dying out? - Roaddhogg
4/19/00 - The story of the Reviewerati. (If someone has the missing pages anywhere, please send them my way.). Pages: {4} - KingBroccoli
4/10/00 - chaos knight asks for clarification on the ending of Final Fantasy Tactics. - Roaddhogg
4/8/00 - A user asks for Wrestlemania 2000 CAWs. - Roaddhogg
4/7/00 - A PoTD topic list. - Roaddhogg
4/5/00 - A user asks if anyone will sell him Dragon Ball Final Bout. - Roaddhogg
4/4/00 - A topic on the Silent Hill board. - Roaddhogg
3/26/00 - Smackdown asks for people's favourite character in Dragon Ball Final Bout. - Roaddhogg
3/10/00 - Old Goldeneye world records topic. - Ngamer64
3/4/00 - A PC Gaming topic list. - Roaddhogg
3/3/00 - A Playstation topic list. - Roaddhogg
3/3/00 - An old Nintendo 64 topic list. - Roaddhogg
3/2/00 - A CE topic list, where CJayC announced new user privileges. - Roaddhogg
3/2/00 - A Questions & Suggestions topic list. - Roaddhogg
3/1/00 - A Fighting Games topic list. - Roaddhogg
3/1/00 - Another PoTD topic list. - Roaddhogg
2/27/00 - A user provides an easy method to defeat Volvagia in OoT. - Roaddhogg
2/25/00 - RPGGranny asks for help with Zelda: OoT. - Roaddhogg
2/4/00 - A poll to find out who the coolest character is in Xenogears. - Roaddhogg
2/3/00 - Does anyone know how to get the robot-monkey? - Roaddhogg
2/3/00 - A user has a problem with Pokemon and Gameshark... only to be given a French response. - Roaddhogg
1/31/00 - Some questions about Chase the Express. - Roaddhogg
1/30/00 - A user asks for help sites related to BioHazard... hey, it's not like you're posting on GameFAQs or anything... - Roaddhogg
1/30/00 - Am I firing blanks? - Roaddhogg
1/29/00 - A warning about glitched Gameshark codes. - Roaddhogg
1/29/00 - How do you save in BioHazard? - Roaddhogg
1/25/00 - A topic regarding the infamous "Pikachu Surfing" game in Pokemon Yellow. - Roaddhogg
1/24/00 - Easter eggs in OoT. - Roaddhogg
1/9/00 - A user claims that Zelda OoT is too easy. - Roaddhogg
1/5/00 - Another user claims that the final boss in Zelda OoT is easy. - Roaddhogg
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