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Hello, and welcome to the GameFAQs Archive. This site was inspired by ColdFusion's now defunct 'Nostalgia Project', and was originally created in March 2003 by Roaddhogg, who now co-administrates the project alongside Drunky, Ricky Williams and Dragon. The GFA was established with the intention of being a comprehensive repository of interesting topics, landmarks, user pages and events from the history of the GameFAQs message boards, primarily to give users an insight into how they have evolved since their inception in 1999. Special thanks go to Insder, Joycey, yarjar, Luigi and Tails and Raijin for their administrative support and assistance in the past.

To navigate the site, click a link and the 'Back' button to return to this index. The GFA is best viewed with a standards-compliant web browser; some files may not display correctly in Internet Explorer. If you'd like to contribute any interesting, noteworthy or humourous GameFAQs events in the form of HTML sources or images, please log into your GFA account (click 'Register' to create a new one), and use the 'Contribute' link in your user navigational bar. If you spot any errors, typos or glitches whilst browsing the Archive, please let us know via the 'Feedback' page once you have logged into your account; along with any other suggestions, comments or queries that you may have.

Finally, it should be noted that this archive contains content that may be considered highly offensive by some, and the GFA accepts no liability for any repercussions occurred as a result of your viewing of these pages. Any abuse of the submission or feedback systems will result in the blocking of your IP address from viewing this site, which is irreversible.

Please: For the love of all things great, when you are submitting topics with multiple pages: _please_, PLEASE, please submit them at 50 posts per page - not 10. (3/30)

Search feature: I've added a basic search feature, accessible via the appropriate link on the homepage. At present, a full text search engine is not being considered due to the resources it would consume. Please report any problems and/or issues via the feedback form. (3/22)

Abuse of the feedback system: To reiterate, using the feedback system for anything other than its intended purpose may result in either a temporary or permanent ban from the GFA. Submissions are accepted or rejected at the discretion of the administrator viewing them, and are not open for debate. (3/20)

New admins: Just a quick note to say that I have recruited Ricky Williams, Drunky and Dragon over from MBH Shield as co-administrators of the GFA, who will assist me primarily in processing the queue. I'm no longer looking for any more help at this time. :) (3/16)

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